What about the shop to find.

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some people shop is when shuaishouzhanggui, and some shops is the need to find someone to help in the season, different periods of time, if you want to find the store also need to distinguish between the work. But no matter what, if you want to store business, to find a helper in natural and more requirements, so that it can be helpful to the development of the business of the shop.

The Spring Festival is coming to

once a year, as the Spring Festival of commodity circulation quickly, many people buy a shop, we have to stand the counter, hand also purchase, replenishment, sometimes even delivery to the customer’s house, so many retailers will find a temporary workers during the spring festival.

shop to find temporary helpers very luxurious, I love to find relatives and friends, looking for more love once in my help, who played mixed. Because looking for relatives and friends because of the family role, they will not be mixed with the sun, not responsible for my help; once in a person, they are getting familiar with the business, in a relatively short period of time to enter the role of business process because of strange and familiar culture is omitted.

after the Spring Festival, we have shops for the development needs, and some will choose to have some temporary workers to stay into long-term employees; it will be re recruited from the community. Therefore, I want to tell you: the long employees quality, quality level, as temporary employees so indifferent just for a few days, he will stand for months in your shop, representing your shop image, he will directly affect your reputation and store business is good or bad. So, according to my experience in previous years, suggesting that as many people as possible to use some zhigenzhidi relatives and friends. Because friends and family together to facilitate communication, and their passion for love shop is also easy to activate.

in order to win over their feelings, usually I also skillfully played the family card, by their family’s birthday, I will send a gift. During the holidays, I will also prepare a family gift to their families, thereby enhancing the friendship between us and inspire them to love the enthusiasm of the store.

in the daily operation, the relatives and friends because of a family blood is thicker than water, they often become the assistant leader and pacesetter unconsciously, their every word and action will directly affect the doings and often their employees, affect my store operating performance.

so I pay special attention to them as " seed " employees to training, in addition to the established wages, but also quietly to a bonus extra, let them feel the affection and love them because the shop dedicated, I did not forget their pay and affection. So I store employees at any time, the station as a cause of their own, dedicated to the store and make money.


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