Respect others can create more opportunities for themselves

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undeniable, many big brand sales staff is indeed a "mad" capital, they have the strength of the enterprise as a backup, with reliable quality products as the basis, however, most of the time but because of this sense of superiority, they result in the actual process of sales of "respect" is not others. Cause and opportunity pass. In fact, a lot of time, really respect others can create more opportunities for themselves.

that was the first time I went to a three grade hospital, when I did not use a penny on the development of the big hospital, and to open the sales of drugs in the market.

day, I like other medical representatives, went to the hospital very early, because the first time I went to the hospital to do the development of this matter, although I was very early to the pharmacy, but I still have the top early, they communicate directly with the hospital director wu.

then there are several foreign manufacturers of medical representatives to observe first exchange, I sat next to be honest, I found in business negotiations, foreign representative is very strong, but these represent very young, are under the age of 30, but their conversation with director Wu is a more than and 50 year old middle-aged people with the conversation continued, I found the director Wu face with some temper like psychological feeling, as if to say: "you this group of boys are speaking too!"

then, I suddenly realized that my luck had come.

I don’t fight with anyone, let everybody, all visiting me up, handed his hands and name card data, just say a few words, let the director Wu felt very comfortable, and are willing to take the initiative to help me: "director Wu, Hello, I am Tianjin Tasly pharmaceutical representative, first as a medical representative what all don’t understand, as a junior very need to get help and advice you such experts."

suddenly, director Wu expression changes, phase from the heart, I know the words of my very heart warming, the front is arrogant, only I a person so humble, one morning are not respected, finally a man so respect him.

later in the two visit, Wu told me that the relevant rules of cooperation, I successfully developed the first large area of the top three hospitals.

this is a typical "opportunity begins with respect for others".

many people may simply think I am very lucky, but in fact, we are because of others a respect to win this opportunity, made a great contribution to our future career development. So, if you want to have more opportunities for development, but also from the respect of others

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