T elite resigned to start selling their own brand of steamed bread

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Ye Qing graduated from college to enter the world’s top 500 companies, and soon sat on the position of the project manager, with a generous salary to live a carefree life. But when we issued a sigh, Ye Qing has made a surprising decision, decided to give up the existing ease of life, embarked on a road that everyone did not expect to sell bread, and the establishment of its own brand, green dew steamed bread".

in the past: life is easy and dull, no passion

resigned from the world’s top 500 companies to open a steamed bread shop, Ye Qing’s experience can be described as legendary. "The reason for my resignation may have something to do with my personality. Although the high position in the foreign company, the treatment is rich, but too limited, your work is in the established framework, only to do a good job and better distinction, not according to the wishes of individuals to achieve their own ideas." Ye Qing said.

Ye Qing, the Nanjing University foreign language college student, after graduation he entered the Shanghai one of the world’s top 500 IT enterprises to do the project manager, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands. Two years, Ye Qing in Shanghai to buy a house, car, married. Living in a state of light. Almost every day, sleep late Saturday, cleaning, and his wife to buy food. Look forward to the weekend when you go to work, the weekend seems to be the case, it is better to go to work.

days just plain water, placid. The turn of events took place one night, Ye Qing and his wife walking in the District, chat. "When I was a child, I saw a lot of relatives to praise me: Ye Qing, you are very smart, after the business is sure to make a lot of money. I feel the same way, but now I am almost 30 years old, I have not done business. If you do not seize the opportunity, these words may always stay in the oral, never step out of that step." It was the conversation that night that made Ye Qing determined to start his own business.

later: Join steamed bread shop, the development of

Ye Qing is the first to join a well-known steamed bread shop. Why did you choose to open Steamed Buns shop? One morning, Ye Qing found a good Steamed Buns shop in the street, usually tastes very cunning Ye Qing feel the taste is very good, the most important is that the store has a unified price, unified signs, fillings, eat very assured. This kind of steamed bread shop was still very attractive.

Ye Qing carefully pondering over: as the pace of life accelerated, Shanghai people’s living habits are quietly changing, eating kimchi at home in the past, there is no time to do. Outside the shop Steamed Buns couples the environment dirty and messy, dark, dirty, see also dare not eat; to eat dessert, but bread, cake after all Western tastes, not used. Ye Qing saw this unified facade of the bread shop business opportunities. On the afternoon of the store was allowed to join, Ye Qing did not hesitate to submit his resignation to the company.

of course, at the beginning of the Ye Qing also pay tuition. In July, when Shanghai was hot, Ye Qing was looking for a front door in the street, riding a moped

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