To entrepreneurs where is the interest, success is where!

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entrepreneurship, is unwilling to ordinary: entrepreneurship is to live a better life: entrepreneurship, just want to earn more money, so that families can live a good life. No matter what your purpose is, I believe you are a great person. A dare to struggle, the courage to give up their own work of a safe person, is not a mortal!


for business has a lot of truth, Shao Lianhu in the blog if verbose is really no meaning. In order to allow entrepreneurs to better know how to start a business, I will combine their experience in the past ten years and talk about entrepreneurship, interest is really important.

in 2005, I graduated from Qilu music college,. Because I was running away with a few friends, I didn’t want to stay at school. School, learn to learn to really boring, always think of the community to fight, to prove how strong.

I learned to sing, sing folk songs, because I like to sing, but also intends to rely on their own songs to earn money. The year before to go to Beijing to play, see a guitar singing counterparts in the subway, heartache to death, to dream, those of us who really fight, also gave him money away, tears still eyes.

after school, we first arrived in Tianjin, when the sky is dark, we have a few people in order to save money, after a night under the bridge. Unexpectedly, in the night, my luggage was stolen, clothes, and other things are lost, leaving only a clothes on my body and my mobile phone.

second days, we started looking for a house, stabilized, and then find a job. At that time in a restaurant when the food, for those of us who have just learned, what will not, can only rely on physical strength to earn money, then only 600 yuan in January, said there is a commission. I was angry directly quit, so little salary earned what meaning.

at that time, a month can earn one thousand yuan is very good, a family can be said to be able to live a normal life of one thousand yuan. Now, in January three thousand, five thousand are not enough to spend. From the hotel, I and a friend to the hotel, nightclub to find a job singing. Unexpectedly, did not find work, money cheated, cheated mobile phone, the friend said, AHU, you really have nothing!

what are not, I will remain a person, was his first love gave me five hundred yuan, before the family also gave me the money. At that time, I feel really useless, what have to rely on family members to money, their ability to earn money is not. The play is not long, spent a month’s time deceived into MLM, stay for a year.

in pyramid schemes, people who have a high passion, dream, I do not know why they are so happy. In MLM, the only thing that makes me happy is that I can sing every day. Learning music, in the community can not find the place where I play, in MLM

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