Nanjing second-hand housing you can afford to buy the average price of 19626 yuan per square meter

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"have their own house is home", because of the traditional family Chinese thought, now how many people become a "housing slave", economic development, improved living standards, there is tremendous pressure.

note: the above listed the average price of second-hand housing (residential) data covering the new tower (including tower and Shimonoseki) and new Qinhuai (including Qinhuai, Jianye and Baixia), Qixia, Xuanwu, Yuhuatai, Jiangning, Pukou, Liuhe and other 9 districts. Which exclude commercial real estate, villas, facade room, small property housing and other housing, the original data contained only residential listings, the resulting data, Nanjing second-hand housing listing price.

site news Nanjing online real estate statistics, April 27th Nanjing second-hand housing market into 976 units, an area of 87799 square meters. The city’s 470 sets of individual listing volume, the city’s average price of $19626 per person per square meter.

among them, eight sets of Jiangnan District turnover of 540 sets, two rivers plate (including Liuhe) turnover of 436 units, with an average transaction area of about 89.95 square meters. Pukou District in which 218 sets of volume ranked first in the regional volume.

want to buy a friend, you are still waiting? Nanjing second-hand housing you can afford it? Listing price 19626 yuan / square meter. From the reality of contentment, happy every day of their most important.

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