22 million deal! Papi sauce advertising auction is just beginning to drop for the first time

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the afternoon of April 21st, Papi sauce video advertising auction officially, with 22 million of the final price of flowers beauty beautiful makeup.

has experienced a series of investment in the thinking of the Luo, SARFT name and rectification, Papi sauce or high-profile auction, high-profile attracted the attention of the network circle!


users commented: Luo fat can ah, forced to be able to take out the rectification of the line so much money!

also have friends said: I was scared to quickly take the Papi sauce off in ~ I do not want to see the ad.

sound is quite diversified: this time the film is smart, gossip effect, the company immediately to fire, which is much better than the advertising content.

investment chiefs accounted for the initiative, the younger brother unhappy, keeps talking.


will sell ads will not fire


rich wayward or whether it will affect the part of the user experience, we have to admit: Papi on the realization of the road clear sauce, and you still see my jokes, typing……

auction when Zhang Quanling speech, referred to as people who do business in terms of feelings, in fact, this is the current situation of the network products. Take the feelings to win IP, then use IP to change the reality of the "bread", which you have pure or too realistic, I have feelings of bread with both hands.

As for the

to sell advertising will not fire? The road is long, always encounter various obstacles, named after the rectification of radio Papi sauce Papi sauce 10w+ video is still reading, 2W+ reward, leave you stay, stay in your own way to achieve commercial realization "". If the content is really deep I love, plus an ad and how much powder can be expelled? Even if it is out of powder thousands of millions, not a wave of the core of the faithful realization of powder

?Everything is just the beginning of

auction hammer

capital to join, the rectification of radio and television, coupled with the entry of advertisers, you want Papi sauce or the former look?.

half a year of fame, the original short video Papi sauce, an older female youth, looks good but a grass root appearance, the reality of life made a little tongue Tucao and comment, humorous style and.

to 2016 capital financing, SARFT named after the rectification again, again to today’s 22 million selling advertising "first night", the capital and liquidity pressures of advertisers, also has a mother’s words and rules, Papi sauce style may continue, the content may be interesting, but it must be after a slight rectification, both to achieve commercial realization, and can satisfy the user’s appetite, advertisers can feed the new model.


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