Popularity of electric bicycle charging station charging opportunities

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motorcycle running horsepower is large, running too fast, but it is not only the sound, and fuel consumption, the most important thing is going on the license, so many people are not willing to buy the product, electric bicycles have become the owner of such a large market penetration rate, a derivative new business opportunities!

charging device consists of five parts, respectively is the fast charging battery, fast charging charger, charging device of intelligent IC card billing system, located in the side of the road and the supporting cable, plug and socket etc.. In this system, the most critical rechargeable battery and charger have been applied for national invention patent. The price of the whole system is around 3000 yuan.

the traditional charging method, charging battery each need full, otherwise it will cause a reduction in battery capacity, affect the service life of the fault, and the system adopts the special structure of the cell, can use the fast charger in 8-10 minutes (from 20% of the battery power is less than 20% generally lack of electricity to recharge) reached about 70%, enough users continue to ride 20-30 km. The rest of the lack of electricity to ride a bike can go home to take slow filling method to fill the battery.

these years, electric bicycle is more and more popular in our country, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the Pearl River Delta and other economically developed areas, the city limits the development of motorcycle and moped fuel such as the introduction of the policy, the electric bicycle is gradually replacing the traditional vehicles.

but with the use of the popularization of the electric bicycle with the traditional lead-acid battery has become more and more obvious: the disadvantages of short service life, long charging time, with the increasing use of time, battery mileage will be shortened gradually, many people have the way the battery runs out, don’t push home experience.

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