How to open a successful underwear store

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grades are different, the face of the consumer is different, the operation of the store will naturally be different. In the current environment of the entire consumer, but instead of a lot of mid-range lingerie store favorite, has a good market prospects. However, the current fierce competition in the shop, if you want to successfully set up shop, naturally need to master more knowledge. So, how to open a successful underwear store? Let me see small series of.

is now a lot of home underwear underwear store rich in style, colors, and lace and embroidery are very delicate, but the price is not high, mostly in dozens of yuan, which is the most popular price six, seventy yuan of underwear, quality and workmanship are good.

By contrast, these

underwear is more suitable for mass consumption than in the mall lingerie brand. How to open a mid-range underwear store?

investment estimate of

underwear store

brand gold: 10000 yuan

first purchase fee: 18000 yuan -50000 yuan

decoration: 20 thousand yuan

Manual: two people in general, each of 800 – 1000 yuan / month; water and electricity: $200 / month; total investment: 50 thousand – 82 thousand yuan.

underwear store investment depends on the positioning of the brand and consumer groups. Different grades of underwear stores in the decoration, the cost of renting a small difference. Brand association to provide free of charge to provide a unified brand store design drawings, the main difference is the amount of the first purchase. Because most of the brand’s underwear franchise stores have not joined the requirements of the gold, but for the first time the amount of purchase are provided.

to join the need to pay 5000 yuan to $10000 margin. In front of the brand for the first time purchase amount of 100 thousand yuan in general, the purchase price is the market retail price of 2/3. and the second tier brands first purchase value of more than 15000 yuan to 50000 yuan, the price of goods is generally 4 to 55% off of the retail price.

if you are located in the upscale community, it is best to first-line brand based, although the price of first-line brands although relatively low, but the price of a single product is high, the income is not low. If it is an ordinary community, small brands have advantages. The price of these brands and brand-name goods but the quality is not much difference between, relative assurance, but also by the young women of all ages.

Analysis of the profit of

underwear store

for personal entrepreneurship, the median lingerie store investment is not large, about 40000 yuan

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