Recommendation and rationalization proposals for College Students

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There are a lot of

entrepreneurial projects, different entrepreneurial groups have different project choice, then, what is suitable for college students do? The following is recommended for college students venture, for your reference, of course, specific projects need to look at the actual situation!

shop recommended: students start the project

for entrepreneurship weapon:

1. shop this bowl of rice is very delicious, some people are making money, but some people lose money, the key lies in how to operate. Now the shop is really too much, every day is new, how these dazzling shops in talent shows itself, make its own characteristics, is the key to making money, carefully positioning their own business projects, the best to choose their own products, want to know where their strengths, their own core resources where is the.

2. products, prices, promotions and channels, we must focus on these four points to operate. Consumers usually goods than three, to learn how to engage in promotions, online sales channels for individuals or groups, is a man or woman, etc.. Publicity will also be the first in the relevant forum posts, log on various search engines, etc.. Shop early, even if the loss should be honest.



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