Let investors with small and broad good projects!

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with the progress of the times, not only women in the pursuit of brand, brand effect is applicable to all the people, how to find a little investment in the male market, but a lot of money income project to do business? Why don’t you try to open a lingerie store?!

investment skills

The main consumers of

store location

because of specific target customers, men’s underwear store location is quiet, traffic is convenient. Although "popularity" is very important, do not have to choose the flow of people in particular the main road, too "Wang" is not conducive to attract lots of customers in the door, but the traffic must be convenient. The best choice in the relatively mature business district, the surrounding young people are relatively more communities and apartments. Area of 15-25 square meters can be, do not need too much. Address should be able to describe clearly, easy for customers to find.


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