Join the entrepreneurial process needs to focus on four major issues

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franchise chain is a form of entrepreneurship, a lot of lack of money or experience entrepreneurs tend to choose this form of entrepreneurship. In fact, to join the venture business is not good to do, you need a certain skill, to avoid some wrong methods.

successful franchise system not only has the same requirements of leader, there are requirements for franchisees.

The best franchise system

A: motivation biased

The so-called "

general headquarters for contract will join the full support of the franchisee, not to mention the franchisee’s success also represents its success, but can bring profits to expand the market, but also conducive to the recruitment of new investment franchisees. But if the franchisee itself does not understand the project, no passion, motivation is not correct, not relative to the input, then the headquarters big investment, also cannot stop your last station to the losers in the queue.

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