Written on the night before the revised edition

by admin

sat alone in front of the computer room, some in a daze, perhaps too excited by the system, the window is black rain through the window, in the faint light under the irradiation of a drop of rain from the lights across, sound like a tick tick in sing to me and cheer me on the other end, instantly into space in the past, as I know sour, sweet, bitter, hot out, I can’t control my brain now, full of expression of each page of a new site, several months of effort, laughter and pain, how many sleepless nights in the site for discussion and dispute, has changed, changed and changed, tonight, on the eve of June 27, 2008 about on-line, condensed into (I want to line oh 51hehe.com).

at the moment, the moment of joy here was very upset. Subsequently replaced, users will love it, with people’s mind, feel good, but because of the members with the feelings I want to listen to music closer to

oh?I want a new

tomorrow will be on the line ah private hall, participate in the revision of the members have entered the sprint, I feel nervous and look forward to, is really like expecting their child ready to be born, and is excited, and fear.

review the work of the past few months, a lot of emotion, touched a lot. Each member of the team for the new (I ha 51hehe.com) paid a lot of effort! Especially cold new ideas for the development of the prodigal son is hollowed out on a lot of contributions racked his brain. We have the technology after the last ten days of the baptism, seems to have aged 10 years old, and often talk with them when they found was free, still remain in the brain program, everyone is good.

however, we also have a happy time, when our new oh I want to have scratch built a "blank Housing", when each page has been modified more friendly, when each function or column through the layers of screening finalized, everyone from the heart is excited and proud. At the moment, everyone is seriously trying to do the final cleaning and reinforcement, exhausted in everyone’s face, I want to wait until the site formally launched, we will really relax,


a few hours, the new I want to try Oh private hall on the line, it is like a newly built frame housing, through the old version of the foundation stage, finally going up, and every one of our team are her creator, we will provide it every brick, every a beam is completed we will applaud, every day carefully built, building and decoration, let the private hall gradually stands, until the construction has become the music hall.

today I want new Oh maybe just a private hall barely passing the site, let us all together for her do it, for the period from foundation began to pay attention to and participate in the people I want to ah, we sincerely say loudly: "thank you! Thank you for your attention and thank you for your participation! Encourage and >

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