Sit in the home also make money, the net opens a small station can make money seven ways

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want to make money as a webmaster, regardless of what type of business website, will have a problem, my site how to make money? In addition to the site’s profit business, now the website is a variety of ways to make money, such as rental channel, open VIP member, joined the advertising alliance etc.. Using these methods, a monthly income of millions is possible!

for the use of websites to help novice webmaster better to make money, a small series of the common prescription to sum up some sites for reference, and it is easy to learn. However, Xiaobian remind you, the site to earn money risk, we must find good faith partners to create value.

1, ad alliance


website in addition to hard wide, is the advertising alliance, it is one of the most simple flow into the form of money. In Xiao Bian seems, advertising union or 360 good search, in a few years ago, Baidu, Ali mom is good, but now the settlement Commission of the two, the time is obviously much slower.

360 search advertising alliance with monthly settlement, more than 100 yuan monthly settlement, the basic split ratio is 8%, namely 360 advertising alliance will be in accordance with the effective sales promotion expenses to the affiliate payment 8%.


query forecast report, some industries can be found, is expected in August, 360 among the alliance partners income will be more than 15 million, more than 50 million in the fourth quarter of September, for more than 200 million, in the next year, the first half is expected to yield more than 500 million members of the league, the second half of the league members gain more than 700 million. This means the webmaster will probably get 360 more commissions in the future.

2, soft ad

for webmasters, the site is too wide, may affect the user browsing experience, and then reduce the flow of the site. Now, enterprise customers also tend to use the lowest amount of economic consumption in some small and medium-sized websites, and get better soft text promotion. Send an article, the price can be 5 yuan to 30 yuan, which mainly depends on the class of the website ranking, ranking high, high weight website, have a certain visibility, publish an article costs up to more than one hundred yuan.

however, the effect of the release of large websites is not necessarily ideal. After it is sent to the rolling news, the soft message of customers will soon be overwhelmed by more like the sea. Therefore, after the enterprise customers or more inclined to small and medium-sized website information station, to low-cost access to high efficiency, but also for small and medium-sized Web site provides another kind of money making mode.

3, event planner

when your website has enough popularity and fans, you can join a number of businesses to do some activities to find powerful and reputable businesses to cooperate with. If there is enough popularity, you can do a server sharing or some other sales activities, and then everyone is divided into. >

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