New people do pay attention to the problem

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first: online job search

second: online chat / instant messaging / ICQ

third: online community / discussion / mailing list

fourth: computer technology,

fifth: Web / web development

sixth: entertainment website

seventh: Travel

eighth: reference / information

ninth: family / education

tenth: Life / fashion

each class can continue to subdivide, for example, entertainment is subdivided into sports / movies / music and so on. The music can be divided into MP3, VQF, Ra and so on. It can be divided into classical, modern, rock and roll according to the forms of expression. At the same time, the theme of each link and cross combination can produce new subjects, such as Tourism Forum (Travel + discussion), classic goal play (Football + video), so divided, there are thousands of subjects. How do you choose so many subjects? Follow the following principles:

1, the theme should be small and refined,

positioning should be small, the content should be refined. If you want to make a cover and contain everything site, all the wonderful things you think are on top, it will often backfire, give people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, everything, but everything is shallow, because you can’t have so much energy to maintain it. The biggest feature of the website is new and fast. The hottest personal home pages are updated every day, and even updated several hours. The latest survey results also showed that " on the network; the subject station " " Wanquan station " more popular, like stores and department stores, if I need to buy some things, will choose to buy the shop.

2, the theme is best for your own good or favorite content,

For example: are you good at

programming, you can create a programming enthusiasts website; interested in football, you can report the latest progress of the battle, star dynamics. In this way, you won’t feel bored or powerless when making. Interest is the power to make a website. Without passion, it is difficult to design and make excellent websites.

3 themes, not too often or aim too high.

" indiscriminative " is everywhere, everyone has the theme; such as software download, free information. " the target is too high; " means that there is already a very good and well known site on this subject; it is very difficult for you to surpass it.

if the subject has been determined, you can name the website around the theme. Site name is also part of the website design, and is a key element. You see, " computer learning room " and >

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