The hard road from a veteran to a personal web site owner

by admin

in 2001 after graduating from high school, I took the dreams of youth, goodbye hometown friends, hot air into the barracks, looking back six years of military career kankankeke Baigan, I worried, thinking, the camp is a big melting pot, here I cast iron will, I experienced a shift from a society youth to a qualified military personnel, experienced a time from the heart to the baptism and test of the body, no matter how much suffering from trauma, both suffered many setbacks, but also to ensure the completion of the task. Although six years to hone their own mind and body, but in an instant himself almost to a man of thirty years of age. I left the army in December 2007, a six year veteran of the place, left to bear hardships and sweat of his comrades, goodbye my lovely friends. From the troops back to the place, like a sudden change in the world, everything is strange, and everything is going to start again. Now as before a professional soldier after demobilization have the opportunity to work, I have been in the army for several years is unknown to the public, a soldier too ordinary, not even learn what proficiency in a particular line. Home, visited some relatives and friends, used to plateau hypoxia environment, just returned home is still not suited to, after three months at home, everything seems to have returned to the starting point six years ago.

here, I don’t want to spend too much ink to express my memory of the army. I just want to talk about what I went through when I got back to the place. Take off the uniform, I started looking for work in Wuhan, Wuhan is a personal talent place, for those of us who retired really is not easy to find work, before the army has been more familiar with the computer, but then remember P4 was the best CPU, now a few years don’t know for how many generations. When a computer city to do business friends just to turn in the facade, he introduced me to sell a month on a computer in the city are familiar with this industry, I resolutely made a brave decision, his business is not good stores set down to business.

he used to do the installation, but the business is bad. I want to reverse the situation. This store after I modified some way to run the military and small appliances and the like, this aspect is relatively good, just do it for love, just know, to find suitable for their own products is really important, okay because I have some knowledge of computer hardware, so the answer answer was closely reasoned and well argued to the customer so, the customer trust, then rely on the hands of hardware can support the cost of the monthly appearance, but this distribution parts per month by good times don’t last long, the money is not stable, plus his entry is very shallow, and later gradually the old computer city merchants extrusion, my shop opened a year later, finally close the door. It’s lucky to lose no money in a year. Always feel that this cannot go on, really want to find a suitable to do it in this society. I feel annoyed that I have no higher education, I feel nothing special.

later, by chance, while he was surfing the Internet at home, nothing

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