Mou Changqing new station 4 days to obtain the record data sharing

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July 27th morning, my independent domain blog officially launched, now nearly 4 days of the time, for some practical course is hereby some data share the railway station for 4 days and their.

chart 1:4 day traffic data source


for a new blog can quickly spread out, in 27 and 28, respectively, I wrote a soft hair out, DONEWS, Admin5 and other sites is the main communication, the source of traffic 2-6 sites are the most, I mainly to promote the soft place, station site traffic 41.6% of the proportion of the total, relatively pleased is the direct input traffic accounted for 31.5%, because the old domain name to jump to the new domain name, can let loyal users most of my new blog address directly find some promotion in recent days plus some readers also remember my new domain name, URL directly access. The remaining 27.1% is mainly from some other soft Wen promotion site, such as iResearch, Sina blog, colleagues, and the resident to write their own blog space with Baidu over the user, now my Baidu space every day there are more than 500 of the traffic.

map 2:4 days of search engine keyword source


now the search engine traffic is mainly from Baidu and Google, the new site launched less than 2 hours, has been included in the Google, and some keywords have been better position. Among them, "network promotion" this word has been ranked in Google fifteenth, in GG input "Mu Changqing" has also been the new blog default in the first place. And in Baidu search "Mu Changqing" appeared my Baidu space address, so Baidu can’t flow from this word. You will find the above picture, Baidu has given me a new blog to bring traffic, but the new domain name blog also not be Baidu included, or because the relationship between the old domain before the jump, in the Baidu search network promotion experience, promotion experience, such as word, my old domain name Baidu is ranked in the first place. Before the old domain name is the default jump to my Baidu space, and now is to jump to the new domain name.

Figure 3: enter network promotion on Google, and you can already see the new blog

on page second


my first goal is to "network promotion" the word "GG" and "Baidu" first page, and then optimize the "website promotion", "SEO" and other keywords. In order to achieve this goal, and I made a lot of friends Links, to thank the following 29 friends with me this PR0 new exchange Links.

Figure 4:

in 4 days and the new blog exchange 29 bloggers Links. >

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