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happened to see the views of the public network, the name piqued my curiosity, not worthy of the name? Open the web site, we see a very simple, and even can be said that ugly home, but such an ugly website, but it’s very successful, because the number of online actually there are thousands, and are very active. You might suspect that statistics will not be false?

verification is very simple, I checked the Google PR value of this site =5, Sogou PR value =50, Alexa world ranking of about 8000, it should be true. Well, the public voice network is not only visited, but also very high participation, in this regard, look at the registered members, the number of online and post rate of reply will know. So, according to its local (Wuhu city) functions: local people actively participate in the speech, the relevant departments to actively reply to the actual problem and gives the actual processing results, should be a very successful website.

by the way that points the way, how to judge a web site on the success of


, just as practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, generally speaking, there is only one criterion for judging the success of a website: does it realize the intended purpose and function of the website organizer?. Some people may ask, access to large amount of the site is not successful? Is not certain, because hold different sites have different purposes, although traffic is a website or general index, but the high traffic is not equivalent to a successful website, such as interactive websites such as the popular sound light, traffic is not enough, also need to speak in reply to visitors to register to participate, to be successful; for example, the game website, must let visitors play today tomorrow come back again, that is high rate (also called back in terms of it; for example, the website viscosity) online website, if there is no volume, access a large amount of traffic is invalid; therefore, there is one of the main indicators of traffic to judge the success of the site, but not qualitative criteria.

why does a website that is three or even out of the question, from technical or artistic design, can be so successful? Let’s take a look at the mayor’s manifesto. After Yang Jingnong issued by the mayor of Wuhu office secret No. [2009]96, the execution has been issued at all levels and all departments. The document raises four new requirements for the online response to civic aspirations:

1, the establishment of hosting units online reply leadership responsibility system. County District Government Online reply, should take the county government as the main body, other departments reply shall be invalid; Department of reply, in addition to the public security system, the other will be to specify the undertaking department reply, strictly prohibit the following on behalf of level units or agencies to respond. People’s governments at all levels and departments should establish a public voice network online reply management mechanism, and report to the municipal government for public record, but also in the municipal government information online published to the public. All replies to the wishes of the public, the views of users must be the principal responsible comrades of the unit or in charge of responsible comrades issued, and archive retention. The organizer shall reply to the following questions

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