My three year domain name investment Road steady investment, avoid impetuous

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first, I want to make one thing clear, is a comment China domain strongman in a post about half a year ago, which honored I wrote, "I evaluate long ago that he sold a year earned 3 million meters (do not know or $$), now estimated stronger."

the evaluation that I live for a long time, there are also some meters friends Wenfeng experience to me for advice, then I checked, like Fujian’s Rogue Comrade out, holding me to the day up, visibility is greatly improved (in today’s society, holding the unspoken rule – blow each other mutual sedan chair to improve their visibility). Since I have been busy with my work for 08 years, I don’t have the time, the price and the domain name to register, and I don’t have enough time to correct some statements. As a matter of fact, I am an office worker, working in a small office in a remote mountainous area in the south, with very little pay, plus a small family and only a limited amount of money. But after three years of investment, was a modest success and luck, reversing the "poor and blank" family dilemma, so far, can be proud to say that in the south mountain small economic level in the next ten years of pocket money basically do not worry, but also some spare money to invest.

many people envy bigwigs in the domain of investment industry in a year to earn millions, tens of millions, talked about the lips. Indeed, in this industry, there are so few people (the conservative estimate of about 100) the domain name investment income is quite high (not included in the annual income of one million in the following), but they are the top of the Pyramid, the majority of investors can only hold a candle, my annual income is only in the middle or, hope my investment in three years to the experience, the majority of investors can remove the impetuous psychology, ease of investment, but don’t always want to send one meter.

April 2005, CN domain name after two years of silence, finally started a real investment in the market, then it is over the "gold", the 3 letter CN and thousands of letters can be registered, 3 tens of thousands of can be registered, 3 digital and hundreds of others can be registered, pinyin and English words more is beyond count.

I entered the domain name investment market is a very rare opportunity, I was in April when the outdated forum to mix, remember that a personal reward of 10 yuan, registered a recommendation for his company’s name, I was trying to help him, I even won the bid results. The first time in the network to get 10 yuan reward, then, is the domain name registration has generated a lot of interest in the market, so I read a lot of related articles, really is a lot of soft moving, start looking for opportunities, then just to see the 66 network published many articles about the investment domain, to find him.

first looked for him, nothing, with his help, within one or two months opened the online banking, and learned to register, and even tried to rush the domain name. Think of those days, a little emotion, every morning about 2 on the international domain name brush, 4:30 points on the brush when the domestic domain

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