t turns out you can be even more beautiful – remember the trend of industry websites in 2008

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network at the arena for many years, the successful operation of four industry website, now focus on building Chuwei industry leading website daily kitchen network. Many young friends often contact me through all kinds of relationships, honesty for secret operations experience. A lot of people to build such a platform: Blog, TAG, SNS, RSS, Wiki etc. have on the line, but the final outcome is platform empty, only the editors vest there struggling to support the surface of prosperity". "Why do we have to use our vest to activate the website every day, really tired, but no effect?"." "Why am I with a certain platform to provide the same service, they are bustling traffic, we fall."

well, let me tell you what my editors are doing first. They are not relaxed, every day busy audit various supply and demand information, answer members of a lot of questions, occasionally out of the interview, maintain customer relations. Why is there so much information, so many members, in fact, this is the core?. You have to remember that members are going to issue supply and demand, because these are their products, and they are making money.

browsing most industry website, is nothing more than the following modes: supply, purchase, quotation, exhibition, information, with too many industry website operation experience and future trends when kitchen network architecture every day, he decided to create a comprehensive business platform, the website elements at present popular in fusion.

is a good platform for users to exchange information, but no other users, a lot of active business users, but the platform is too narrow, if the combination of the two will be the case? Blog, tag, SNS etc. the introduction of industry website, will be on the existing platform of a boring a useful supplement to the formation of people’s life, learning, comprehensive business platform, rather than a single supply platform.

one, enterprise user

The traditional industry website

oriented groups are business users, those users is to work for the enterprise, to work under the supply and answering user questions, work time is not the basic industry website, because this is the place where they work, from my work in QQ can be seen, friends work time online full, after work basically turned black, because this is their work, after work, they have their own life. And the industry Web site into their usual Forum irrigation, good friends chat place, perhaps after work, they are willing to continue on this site.

two, individual user

industry website is enterprise users supply information, there are also many companies purchase information, but some industries can also direct supply of products for individual users, such as the kitchen industry, many users also urgently buy some daily necessities, so every day in the kitchen body positioning network enterprises and individual users, corporate users supply information, can give many individual users a reference price.

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