Low level what websites have the potential to grow

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recently someone rather baffling to add my QQ, then the first message is to paste a rather baffling URL come to my site, for their "pulse", to see if there is no future. I think this is really cute way to help students! I am not a doctor, in this kind of thing really do not come ah; and I’m not what cattle B webmaster, to stand the things is very far fetched. But I don’t want to show you, and you think I don’t give you face, and pretend to be a big shot. Anyway, today’s low once summed up the problem according to my own ideas (just my personal opinion). Your love is not a condemnation, thing worth mentioning.

: what websites have the potential to grow and develop? I think there’s a possibility that the following categories –

1) clear positioning, content oriented, user experience is good, the interface design neat, but not lack of personality beauty;

this is a point of here and sing the same old song, no longer. In a word: as long as your station has this feature, it will inevitably control the further development of the capital.

2) after a long period of online discipline (a few years old), has a relatively stable flow and audience;

this kind of standing in the old netizen group, generally have relatively high popularity. Even if it is not hot enough, it has accumulated a certain user base. Once it has arrived at the breaking point, it may hit a hundred responses to a single call.

3) has absolutely pure original content (of course, the premise is to have a certain quality of the original);

originality is the absolute principle. This is an absolute private property, an absolute feature. Such stations are so vigorous that no one can doubt it.

4) pure original content, although less, but the collection of data processing can have its own unique;

this site, is not simple, we usually have described as "pseudo original", although they themselves do not create content, but they are very good at integration and to expand, and then make the "integration" of the content, enhance the quality and get rich, this is a kind of technology. Such a station, because in the content of manufacturing relative to pure original more simple, and quality is gone, so it has a considerable potential for development. If we can be consistent, detailed, specific, accurate and rigorous, there is little difference between the former and the former.

5) because of the professionalism of the industry, there are other people do not have or difficult to get the resources;

Stations such as

are usually a precursor (or prototype) of some characteristic resource stations or larger resource sharing stations. As long as these characteristic resources are rich enough and the demand space is wide enough, there is no doubt about the possibility of further development. For example: some specialized, professional qualifying examinations, exclusive information collection, sharing sites……

6) over a long period of time >

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