Eat a meal CEO Miao Zhuang through private kitchen food, to create a stranger social platform

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takeaway ordering and semi-finished products distribution, restaurant reservations and even chefs on-site service, due to "eat" caused by every kind of demand. But this is obviously not satisfied all requirements, chowhound need to have more unique recipes, more humane dining environment to fill out their finicky stomach.

"dinner" advocated by the private kitchen reservation line consisting of 8 people in a small dinner. Private kitchen is usually understood as a private custom kitchen, in the dinner together on the platform, the private kitchen refers to both the private kitchen is good at cooking personal. The whole process takes place in a private place.

This dinner

has the characteristics of small and beautiful, to "eat" as the core, the same tastes together. Through social attributes so that diners and owners, diners and diners to form a good interaction, from the content of the theme to participate in the process and then the formation of a complete system of social.

eat is not just a trivial matter, but also a pursuit. "After having an interest in eating, only to find that life is so beautiful." Eat together CEO Miao Zhuang said.

quality of life pursuit

food is an important part of human civilization, with the progress of society, people eat to see more and more important. "Eat together," the target audience is the pursuit of quality life segments." Miao Zhuang theory. They tend to show the same characteristics, rich personal hobbies, have a certain economic base is constantly on the run.

platform for private kitchen, clear requirements and evaluation: one is the cooking skill, is a place (usually a family or can accommodate 4-8 people without interference of the small store environment). Assessment of the main dishes around the characteristics of taste.

"you to participate in the private kitchen dinner is a rich experience, if the owner of the house is a mess. It is difficult to talk about experience, general master but also a person who loves life, idea or hope to make career hobbies." Due to the needs of the various diners according to dishes, online payment ranging from the cost (the current price is concentrated in per capita 100-300 yuan), so the intentions of the private kitchen will not only enjoy the benefits from which.

to eat the main melody, after the interaction will be more valuable and meaningful. In the Chinese people’s concept, "eat together" is the table culture, but also the embodiment of intimacy. "Every meal is also a social, expand your social circle. Below the line of the relationship between the degree of communication is better than the network, but also some of the work of the collision, the life, the emotional spark." Miao Zhuang theory.

talks about food safety. It is reported that, in the event of food safety issues related to the experience, endangering the health of the consumer side, will be jointly responsible for the kitchen and the platform by both parties.

the social value of the table

The main

dinner "a private kitchen dinner, a new ring.

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