How does a farmer stationmaster earn the first 1 million

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We all know that

has invested millions of oak photography net cost of these years, but the site itself does not have what profit, may we do not know where it came from, in fact, stationmaster Hao brother has two main sources of income in support of oak photography net development, this is a huge savings before and do some other small business in recent years earnings, and as long as the oak photography website he is a genuine fruit. At the beginning of this year, listen to Hao brother said he contracted dozens of acres of orchards, but because there has been no go, now have the opportunity to see Hao brother orchard, to take this opportunity to also show oak photography net business hard journey.

now, December 20, 2008, the day before the winter solstice, let’s follow the elder brother’s footsteps to Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, Yangdong County, the big eight to see it.



(Note: Hao brother in early 2002 eight in the home town of oak founded the studio, this is oak photography net predecessor, in early 2005 after Hao brother moved out of here and now here was filled with debris, full of vicissitudes of life! I pictured Yang Pin.


Hao brother in the sophomore year decided to drop out of school, self-study computer programming technology, and later entered a Beijing software company engaged in the programmer’sjob, then paid him to live frugally, saved the money back home built a building, at the beginning of 2002, Hao brother resolutely resigned from the well paid job back my hometown, founded oak studio, mainly for the major news media and vendors to provide written service, Microsoft, Intel, apple computer, ASUS, Canon, Kodak, Lenovo and other dozens of international luxury manufacturers are brother customers, when brother Hao has nearly a hundred of writer’s research, is said to have several students from the Zhongshan University every month can receive 8000 yuan royalties from Hao brother here, and only a website called IT168 monthly payment of royalties to the oak tree near 30 thousand, oak studio Ability to earn money is evident from this.

Hao brother with lucrative oak studios, just one year earned about 1000000, achieved the following results: 1, 2004 to buy two houses in Yangjiang city; 2, Hao brother and the major media have achieved good trust and cooperation, the oak photography net in the day after the generous promotion foreshadowed; 3, the oak studio at the time to have a website, this is the photo images on, it is the predecessor of

now, apart from the oak photography network, he has also opened an orchard of more than 50 acres, with a variety of tropical fruits. The profits of the orchard have lightened his burden and supported the normal operation of the website.


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