Fu Sheng the way of product design is concise and beautiful, and it is designed for a few people

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editor’s note: This article from the Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng delivered a speech at the meeting of the August 18th meeting of the HDCon design data, in a speech in Fu Sheng presents some views on product design, product design and expounds the relationship and design principles. For more information on this conference, see http://s.hdcon.org/

The age of

consumption: design becomes important

many people ask, why do Kingsoft Internet browser, we were doing before, analysis of the browser market and various functional requirements, find out why the browser looks so ugly, like the legacy of antique. This leads to a thinking about the changes of the times.

the engineering culture of the last century, emphasizing how powerful machines are, the appearance is not important. The first apple computer was in a wooden box. It was ugly. Engineers stress the power of the feature and even hate the graphical interface. The appearance of Windows also has an engineer’s shadow in it, such as playing an interface, having enough menus, shortcuts, and buttons.

Apple Jobs Lisa is the world’s first graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse PC, but this computer is not selling well, Jobs was also Apple rushed out. But 12 years later, when Jobs returned, he created the apple empire. 12 years, has Jobs changed a lot? No, the times have changed. Jobs’s pursuit of perfection was not accepted at the time. Now Apple computers are selling more expensive than other computers, but there are still people paying for it. Because of the simple and easy to use, beautiful and generous, Jobs ushered in a consumer goods era.

The user behavior of

era of consumer goods is what? Engineers in the leading time, you use Office or Photoshop to the training class, but in the era of consumer goods when we use a software and tools, don’t like the past when driving, you know how to open the hood, how debugging, how repair. Now you just need to know the throttle and the brakes, and call there when it’s broken. That’s what happens when you buy a laptop phone. Many people buy apples not to install App, but because they are beautiful.

relationship between product and design

decided to hit the cheetah browser cool, this is a very difficult thing, you must first find a good design talent, secondly, you should spare no effort to ensure the completion and at all costs.

1, three-dimensional positioning

is the three-dimensional position. Cool is a three-dimensional positioning, it is not a complete. It wasn’t done with black skin, nor was it done in a square, nor was it a startup animation. If you do only one point, it’s hard to finish. In each >

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