was soft Wen promotion hit a lower back

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has a very nice song called "I was hit by youth". A while ago, I was also "hit" a low, just hit me is not youth, but a way to promote the site – soft Wen promotion.

recently out of love for the forum, he had made a forum for ideas, so in a pitch dark night, a thin net was born! The first station has great power and hope, I was no exception, and gather all kinds of resources, looking for landscaping code. Soon there were more than 7000 rare hunting online theme, since that can also beautify, look at the contents of a sparse net hunting day full, have promoted the idea, and began to crazy promotion around the advertising, the results as can be imagined……

September 21st, I in Admin5, Ai Rui and DoNews station made a few strokes "super practical Forum promotion method", after a few hours in the home show, read many articles about the promotion of soft, generally in the station can be recommended to the home page display, should be able to provide for my hunting network will bring thousands of dilute flow. But today, in the statistics in a list of martial arts, from the website traffic are not, and the soft traffic is not thousands, then think carefully, posting that day is Sunday, may be the relationship between the


figured out the reason, so in September 22nd, and in the above website posted a "run" on the network, the price, choose to avoid the weekend Monday, and although the day was No one shows any interest in, recommended to the home page, but still in the martial arts list to see traffic from the above site, so depressed disappointment arise spontaneously……

noon, went to lunch, dinner with the family about the matter, family persuasion: you do a sparse net intention is not to amuse and interest? Don’t let it become a burden on you, maybe your article is often enough, enough to attract people!


, disappointment swept away, then regroup, reloaded, and dilute my soft promotion hunt, and today this article.

now back to the soft hair when I promoted the mentality, I feel like a clown. Indeed, because now the website forum is many webmaster all emerge in an endless stream, create new styles in the promotion, so as to seize the opportunity to win the flow, but a taste of the people who are regarded as the method of golden laws and precious rules only after Cleverness may overreach itself., I was such a living example of


wanted to use soft Wen promotion to improve hunting dilute network traffic is knocked down, this hit, also let me understand the contents of the forum is to impress Baidu, the real magic weapon to attract traffic, like I was blindfolded and ignore the promotion methods of website content owners can only be eliminated after all.

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