How much is a P worth

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how to change the site traffic into income is one of the webmaster’s most concern. How much is a IP value? There are three different webmasters to answer this question:

the first kind: regardless of all means, whether it is seduce, or Trojan horse, whether it is mandatory click or cheat registration, as long as you can think of the move, will be a stay up all up. Earn money with small cleverness, make money with crooked idea, long-term be enveloped in the heart of a large number of stationmaster group.

second: merchant mode. The investment money, is always the most simple movements, they from the beginning, just put the network as a business tool, only this, they do not know what, but it can make money from the Internet, but also the rapid rise. For example, some Recruitment agents, five or six year and 73 months to throw a one hundred thousand monopoly of search engine results, then make about two hundred thousand, every year is only a busy three or four months, the rest of the time in sightseeing. You can go to count those text ads, Sina home page is not on the enrollment, is the investment, or medical treatment, they don’t understand the network, never do not want to go to the learning network. But they dug away more gold from the Internet than anyone else.

third: long-term dry toil, from very early a few years ago, in order to toil, hard work, a little bit of accumulation, may have made thousands of small sites, they work quietly on the network, but as investors led by the Internet is nearing completion, the difficulty of making money will be more and more big, and further development, will be more difficult.


and the Internet for a long time the long-standing, is free, which means that the more you pay the labor, tossing countless energy, will produce a dead cycle. For example, you do a regional industry website, so that people can use some free services, until one day, you want to charge, all people will support I simply do not want to give you money, your dilemma is produced.


traffic really useful?


someone sent me a message, which means: SEO is the best, and the amount of income will be much higher.

When did

SEO begin to heat up? It was after the second half of 2003. And before that, what kind of online marketing is the dominant network?


2002, is a crazy period of time, the Internet early riches webmaster, mostly concentrated in this period, when 3721 have just begun to implement the network real name, many high flow of words is purely blank.

"legend", this was a day of real name can bring more than 10000 IP, in my hands, anyone enter the word in IE, network real name will directly opened my website, but the purchase of such a >

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