How can promote my website free of charge on my website

by admin

the two day, I use the net ( online banner image generation, it is more of a function, which is generated in the picture, in addition to the original "generation download pictures, save the image to the member area", "added the picture posted to the forum function, click this button I go to, the program will automatically pull Forum ( webmaster exchange Edition (portal and forum data is generic, login portal can go directly to the forum), the use of pictures generated online friends advertising is very convenient, just a key, can be realized with the fastest speed of advertising the purpose of. The launch of this function is also a platform for me to provide free publicity for my website.


map, text forms of advertising, can greatly enhance the audience’s sense stimulus, strengthen their advertising cognitive ability, the last phase of the forum I pull popularity booming, many owners are willing to exchange and trading, at this time, I dragnet launched this function, provides a platform for the owners self promotion, and the "advertising" a key mode of operation for the owners to save a lot of valuable time. (with drawings)


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