Jiang Likun how to build a forum star

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a year ago wrote an article on the operation of the forum article, entitled "six basic principles" forum to fire up, one referred to the forum needs to have a hero, today to talk about this topic and everyone. Forum hero, a simple point of understanding is the forum reds, celebrities, stars. This name can be big or small: if it’s big, it can be a circle or even a network of red people; if it’s small, it can only be a red hat in this forum. Of course, the bigger the theory, the better.

what is the use of forum heroes? Why build a forum hero? With forum heroes, forums have centrality and interaction among members will be more active. Because forum heroes were usually the jar of opinion leaders, often involves a swing, should be gathered, we will in the idol role, hang in the jar. With forum heroes, it is easy to form their own forum culture. A forum wants to grow and develop. If you want to become a sacred place for the users, you must have your own unique culture. For example, "mop", "Tianya" has become a classic, the main reason lies in this.

then, Jiang Likun will tell you how to build a forum hero. There are many ways to implement this effect, which are difficult and easy. Today, first of all, from the easy to difficult to talk about the six main methods:

method 1: crazy irrigation. This is the simplest and most effective way. The only requirement is to have enough physical strength and endurance. After all, this is a strength. In a forum, continuous frenzied irrigation for a month, the effect will be achieved. Crazy here means that every day the number of Posts posted on the forum first, and with the volume of second comrades to maintain at least twice the gap. Like pushing the first water king in the history of the forum, there are still people who keep thinking about him.

this irrigation is also a bit of argument, can not be arbitrary irrigation, irrigation and forum topics related to the paste. Even in the forum area, it was not what was out of order, if not related to the theme of the forum content, then find the recent hot news, hot events, anecdotes, jokes and stories of what these are, Jack of all trades, are suitable for any forum. As in a serious academic forum, it’s definitely not reliable to go after some postpartum care and breastfeeding. Although the force is not less, but the effect is greatly reduced.

in addition to filling the subject paste, irrigation reply paste is the same, do not stop copying, paste a word "top", "passing" and the like. Even if the irrigation returns, the content also must have the difference.

method two: crazy chat. This method is similar to the above method, but it is different. Irrigation content, no nutritional content, and talk about the contents of the more nutritious, belonging to the feelings of moving. The most basic way to chat is to publish opinions from other members, which are not irrigation, but valuable comments on the content. It’s better to have this kind of comment

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