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image: the gang of eight – "Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley about 70 half, is a direct or indirect descendant of Fairchild Corp." From "Silicon Valley fever".

editor’s note: many of the current local and national self proclaimed XX everywhere in the Silicon Valley, but many are only Silicon Valley has been shaped, but not the soul of Silicon Valley. Look at the Leslie Berlin in the Medium’s blog is how to conduct in-depth analysis of the Silicon Valley. The Chinese version by Zhuhai triad compiler operation. This paper through the history, present and future, from science and technology, financial and cultural perspective of the Silicon Valley is the one and only reason can not be copied, but also made a profound reflection on the challenge for Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley and the world’s future prospects.

text /Leslie Berlin

"if you do not clear the historical sequence of events, you cannot know the future direction."

Jobs is convinced that as a young man, he had once spent a lot of time to learn from the older generation of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, such as Robert · Noyce (Robert Noyce, integrated circuit is one of the inventors, Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel co-founder Andy Grove (·), Andy Grove, Intel; one of the co founders, Regis McKenna (Jobs) and the advisor, who designed the apple Logo).

Jobs once quoted the German philosopher, Schopenhauer, a description of the magic to describe his attitude toward history:

a person’s life, to see two or three generation of person’s growth, so he like a magician is performing on the field in the shed, watching two or three times the same performance. The magician’s tricks are interesting only once, and when people no longer feel fresh and are no longer fooled by magic, the performance is not effective.

Jobs and ·

The history of the

, for Jobs, is to give him a chance in the magic business appeared in front of him before to appreciate and see the magic behind the doorway, so he can be thin, soldiers to be blocked, coups.

in 2014, I went to visit the Internet and PC circles personage Robert · Taylor (Robert W. Taylor). Taylor has persuaded the U.S. Department of defense to establish ARPANET the origin of the internet. Then he also operates the famous "Xerox Parke Laboratory of computer science and technology" and create the first personal computer. At the end of the season, Taylor took part in the DEC research center to develop an unusually fast search engine

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