How to avoid piracy, forgery, so that the search engine for the site to sit up and take notice of

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is looking forward to the website search engine is not very high, the search engine for a website in accordance with the basic requirements of the optimization and the user experience can be, so how to do a website to be able to make the search engine on the web sit up and take notice? Below it for a detailed talk.

based on relevance, so that the search engine to remember web site

With the continuous improvement of the

search engine algorithm, before the kind of random extract content phenomenon has been recognized by search engines, cry up wine and sell vinegar is not the case search engine allows, want to let the search engine to remember our site, as a webmaster to do is according to the title and keywords editorial content website and let the whole website showing a harmonious picture, and not irrelevant content, so that it can make the search engine on the website of the memory deepen, before the kind of random and not related to the content of the search engine has been eliminated.

relies on authority and allows search engines to look at the site

different sites have their own features, a large source of authoritative website is the construction features of the website, I believe that many owners will choose their own characteristics, editing domain privacy policy, public contact, and these are the contents of this play authority, a very simple example: if your website wants to use the phone, the phone is to use 400 or the use of personal mobile phone number? From the user’s point of view is: 400 types of enterprise telephone call, personal mobile phone number is not worth trusting. We can see from the only shape high authority can make the search engine at our website, based on shape authoritative is constantly innovative, credibility, and efficient form of expressing our thoughts.

identify the practicality, so that the search engine

no practical website is not possible to obtain a search engine to sit up and take notice, we can see that the website hao123 why so popular, in addition to the design of the site itself and its practicality is the key for the success of hao123; look back in recent years the development of the A5 forum, its use is to support its development of core power; we also can get to know the local sites, these sites for a webmaster should be familiar with the local website, because the information timeliness and authenticity of access to a large number of users welcome, and this is practical.

therefore our website must be based on practical positioning standards identify their own, such as your website is a news site, it is either timed timely disclosure of news and information; and if your website is a kind of clothing website, actually used on the table now allows users to enter the site according to the you need to choose the right clothes. The usefulness of the site can not be described in a few words. From these examples, we can see that the usability of the website is directly related to the user’s requirements

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