Teach you 35 days to build a vertical e-commerce site

by admin

as a webmaster want to achieve the dream to get rich on the Internet, should consider the thing is positioned in the station before, you want to rely on the flow of content is king or commercial profit, the king, on orders of profit, I spent three months in the site before considering the positioning of your site, and this site only 35 days, I do not want to emphasize a station faster on your behalf more cattle, but you build a station, before taking into account more problems, more clear thinking, after you spend less time, citing a word is "do not seek a global shortage seek a domain", the website is a platform for your final decision success is your idea. This article I simply share the 35 days of the site of the steps, on site positioning and ideas, I will write something special, and we discuss together.

site preliminary preparation (1-10 days)

if you think you want to do what kind of a electronic commerce website before, including what domain name, need more space, with what e-commerce shop system, what kind of layout templates, so the most important thing now is to work for the record, the record takes about 20 days or so now, if you are not sure what to sell, this time to consider would be wise to do something, you can record, such as a piece of paper, set the TITLE for your upcoming KEYWORD website, DESCRIPTION, don’t tell me you five minutes to fix, I set my shoes Princess net in three days. Then on our website, website, selling these things to pack it, about a day, then the 400 telephone, Internet banking, enterprise mailbox, did not apply for the application quickly, oh, and the website topology, you can draw a picture of a product, classification, homepage keywords, keyword optimization which mainly paging a few, was also down, then the site LOGO, site based color, with artist friends to help him fix. These things do fine, 10 days is not enough, because even if we are determined when a detail, is often an idea today, tomorrow is an idea, so I said before, your ideas more clearly, the establishment of the faster.

two website preliminary preparation (10-20 days)

because this time the record is not down, I still categorize him as a preparation, this time is familiar with your choice of online store system each function, such as advertising system, news publishing system, commodity distribution system, promotional release system, membership management, order management module, this time also haven’t got the supply of a friend to hurry up, then the product photography, photo retouching products, pricing, if you intend to do shop dealers friends can omit this step, then the product key words set, similarly, the first to write on a piece of paper. If you have enough time to do so, then you can apply for Baidu account, hot forum account, high weight blog account, micro-blog >

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