My pet station experience

by admin

Oh! Share a lot of courage to write articles, first write write is not very good ah, my pet station ( opened 18 days, Baidu included 7 pages, GG those are included, now about 50 IP every day, oh, it is not easy to ah. day Forum irrigation, as well as Admin5, Sina and so on, have to go to Baidu know answer questions every day, answer, reference to write my address, but also a good day to dozens of IP, very good, oh, for the new station, this extension of the station is too dangerous, probably Baidu K out, but the IP fast.

has done before, novel, MTV, but the competition is too fierce, the two stations were sold, sold 500, oh well, now every day is very busy, but the flow may be new or rarely, because of it.

, write it first,


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