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may be a bit big, and it’s not really a skill or experience. I have some problems for more than a year operating the place site summary, and to share and discuss together, write something more complex, hope you can come to me.

I was born in a small city not east or west. It was called Anhui. According to the map, the long days are inlaid in the arms of Jiangsu. The East, the South and the north are in transition with Jiangsu. Only the west side is connected to Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. Economically speaking, the long day is one of the few in Anhui.

in our area, there have been several local websites before. However, their website technically do not perfect, the function is very simple, is a forum for nature; the administrator may also have no time and energy to what management forum, has not formed a discussion of the environment, it is not too hot and not too cold. To tell you the truth, before, I also made a home website, called "long day information network". At that time, perhaps and now many webmaster idea is the same, do local website is to Paul Vientiane, all the information of home is added. What property, car, second-hand?…… Anyway, at that time, this site is a portal, what columns are there, of course, there is no forum.

results can be imagined; because there is not enough energy and time, plus I have been working in the field, there is no local how many relationships. Cause many columns are empty, there is nothing in it, the entire website estimates 30 columns, only 60 messages. Well, who would you like to see? Well, I didn’t know why I was doing this site, and I didn’t want to make money. Maybe it was just an interest. Soon, I will not do at.

at the end of 06, I had the idea of making a home website. At that time, in fact, the idea is very simple, when I have a QQ group, which are working outside the home people, by the end of the year they put forward to have a party. So, soon, on a weekend night, we were in a restaurant, everyone came out to eat a meal, and also took some pictures. On the second day, they told me that the album was full of space and there were many pictures that could not be uploaded. Can I ask a group of this forum, because I am a professional web technology work; then the afternoon to buy a space, the next night a forum on it, and took a piece of the ocean for a CN domain name is hung in the above. In this way, in the absence of any expectations, the QQ group theme site opened, and then in the group and they said that after the photos are put inside it. At the beginning, there are no sections of the plate, according to the QQ group of friends to sub plate.

sent a lot of pictures and some party work written by ordinary friends. It didn’t take long to find more and more registered users in the site and quickly exceeded the number of users in the group. At that time, we did a statistics of the antecedents, and we found that many people have searched with each other

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