QQ space drainage what is man in space Why is Lu Songsong in action

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good morning,

, today’s question is, what is QQ space man,


why the great God space frequently by people circle, flow also gone where,


today is 2015 September 15th. As usual, I usually visit the space in the morning,

take a look at the dynamic update of the great gods from all walks of life, and if you can learn anything, inadvertently, I’m surprised to find something strange,

a lot of celebrity space has been given to the circle, the hair of the dynamic, say, album, basically there will be another person or even more personal shadow,

is the great God in the free to help them propaganda? The answer is: No,


, that’s what we’re going to say today, QQ space, malicious drainage marketing: photos, people,

said here, we need to know what the people in the photo album are, how it is done, and what steps it is, Mr. Chen explained to everyone:

QQ space circle people need to meet a condition: need a number, with each other is a two-way friend, whether large or small, PS: used before software: not friends can circle people, has expired

, as shown in figure 1: (Lu Songsong is surrounded by people)

here, I do not say for everyone, if the circle of people, the specific process you can see Baidu, have introduced,

I’m going to explain for you how to put an end to other people’s circles.

1: check your friends’ group every moment, and a lot of cloned friends will go straight into your two-way friends.


2:QQ, it is better to separate the groups clearly, and the hidden trouble can be pulled out in the fastest time.

3: unknown friends must be careful to add, after all, we should know that he is not worth us plus he became a two-way friend,

4: the photo settings are banned from anyone, as shown in figure


editor: do these preparations, we believe that the space, will many times safely, we work, serious, careful, a lot of problems do not occur,

, especially for space operations, every detail can bring you the loss of traffic or not,


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