How should a new person be a station master

by admin

from the new to the site to now nearly two years, can not say that he is old, because it is not professional, but also on the website and do not know a lot, but enough about my past experience to the new, less take some detours.

2007 know Wangzhuan, registered mail, play and other projects, and later found in the website brush pop, then pop a lot of people in many of the league, brush, just to get a page, a free two level domain name, even if the site, using the company’s computer hanging points, one day can brush 20. Later, the tool to brush the pop-up, did not have to play the pop-up, registered advertising alliance, bought a domain name, began to brush click. Collect money, also was sealed number, because uncertain factors too much, not willing to buy points, hang points tired, brush a few months or give up, earned a total of about more than 1000 dollars.

at the beginning of the 2008 really do stand, do the forum, station, television station, domain name registration of more than a dozen large and small, a lot of fun, no renewals, now leave this TV website, can earn some money, but not much, to share the experience with couples:

topic: determine the theme of the website you want to do. Personally think that is relatively easy to do entertainment station, such as QQ, film and television, games, entertainment news, just need to find a few stations and copy their contents on the line, the station is easy, traffic is easy, but not worth the money, lost engine care, basic waste station.

two, pick the meter: to determine the theme of your site, you must choose a good domain name for the site, a good domain name, absolutely to your half the effort. Although the CN meter is very common now, but still recommended by com, no explanation, look at the XYZ company often heavily to buy their own website COM domain name will know, unless your site users are relatively young, about CN meters deep understanding.

three, CMS: do stand before be sure to test several CMS, combined with the content of your website, and choose the most suitable for your CMS function, not too much, you can expect to time, to the site for you on the line, how many years do not think, you may use any a website function, can live to that time again.

four, election space: stability is the most important, the size does not matter, do not waste money, and so on your site bigger, and then upgrade is not late.

above is purely personal point of view, new people can refer to the next, does not apply to the station has experienced the experience of the station!


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