How do you stand in the weight loss point of view to do weight loss station

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because I love is a little fat, but she on the network they do not understand, only know that in the newspaper on the television to see what the ads, but I work on the Internet to help her look for some ways to lose weight, she also want a little earlier slim up, as the saying goes, a white cover three ugly slim? The usual also want to see his eyes… Ha ha.. men have this mentality, I usually lose weight in column 39 on weight related things, but online a lot can for her estimation has not been effective, so simply register a domain name for the station had to lose weight one can let her know! Some diet knowledge, but also can give more thought to be like her people to find the way to lose weight want! And it can earn extra money, people do not say that there is a flow of money? I say no I can make a good website! Do I know it is not easy to find, hard to find resources, good way to lose weight, the more difficult to lose weight. At the same time, the need to retain users, the need to allow users to have a good experience. Talk briefly about how you do it.

is a weight loss website positioning, the one hand is to lose weight, but there are a lot of words, such as segmentation, weight loss of information (the method of weight loss diet, what is the meaning of some practical weight) information, a bit like the type of site, there is medicine reducing weight, weight loss products so, we must first consider their location, make myself understand that you want to give to your site to lose weight, friends to provide what services on the OK, this step not impatient and think! Not too many things should be concise, only need to provide a weight loss diet needs to meet! This aspect of the people who do this kind of diet needs on the website, you willsucceed


two is the content of the web site, Baidu search stand a lot of weight loss, weight loss, quantity is not the keyword in many industries station said the most, but it is definitely a lot! Since so many of the things they need, or not, the feeling is to copy the 39 weight loss program, so I just went to 39, but to lose weight column 39 is a bit big. What to do here is website practical and convenient to reduce weight, effective. If only for Baidu is updated, it logs the casually put all sorts of things together to get together a change of name is a new way to lose weight and I want you to come out, the station also did not fire up the weight loss estimates will be down


three is the effect of weight loss on a regular basis to do some investigations and statistics, here said the survey was based on their own website visitors, through the investigation can let you know how much weight to stand their weight to what effect! And then interaction between dieters to better understand the needs to lose weight! Achieve the real benefit of weight loss from the station to run the

to lose weight!

probably these, generally do a good weight-loss station is quite difficult, especially now the time to lose weight but we still stand innumerable, also want to insist, we must stick to it. >

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