Three party interests game behind the platform waste war

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restaurant has always been regarded as the low end of the hard work, and this work is the most bitter small takeaway, if so the times have changed, the mobile Internet and the O2O Internet giant and a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurial companies into the field of takeaway food, with a banner shout a slogan it can subvert the industry? No, but the giants with the Internet traffic and capital advantages will make this industry anchaoyongdong, financing and rapid burn pattern more accelerated changes in the industry, this is the construction and destruction.


this takeaway platform burning big battles, the platform, businesses, users, the interests of the three parties exist game, breed unhealthy forces, specific circumstances, please see below.

merchant suffering

capital strength is strong, the platform burn win over users, businesses have to participate in, although the harvest orders decreased but also the total experience; overbearing and unreasonable platform, so the platform is not selling foreign businessmen love, hate not to meet, but behind the slander.

1 forced to participate in subsidy activities

wise, the reality is not to participate in the activities of the platform if there is no order, or even your original eat-in customers will be pulled to takeaway platform; and those who do not have the strength of the business hall of takeaway food business has been greatly affected, according to the goods transit network to understand Sichuan near a university only eat a lot of businesses have closed shop.


took part in the activities, the strength of the business to take orders for you hesitate, or even a single explosion, but the food what is labor-intensive industries, in the distribution of the bottleneck of limiting their service capacity, especially in the area of short time cannot recruit enough room of part-time staff. The weaker the merchants did not dare to add full-time service personnel, because they know if subsidies stop takeaway volume will rapidly decline, the shop will only own sixty or seventy year old parents and teenage children out to run errands.

2, ground push personnel quality is poor,


portion of the platform to push very overbearing, first, without permission to pull the business activities, the poor quality will not send a Short Message notice; second, without obtaining the merchants agreed to in the shop around platform advertising, business hall to eat directly encouraged customers to take out the platform. Some businessmen participate in activities, is a hope takeaway platform to attract guests to the scene of consumption fantasy, it seems that they do not know enough about the internet.

3, increasing peer competition

competition is everywhere, but when the platform has a large number of short businesses (only name no stores) and black takeaway enter, the market confusion, can not abide by the rules; the Internet platform burn exacerbated unfair competition, currently behind this opaque, bad money drives out good money will.

4, platform’s "despot clause"

is the most passive for businesses

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