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[core tip] through the design of the embodiment of the function, the user does not need additional learning to understand the characteristics of the product, this is the best product.

just near the end of the Rice noodles Festival, Lei Jun does not talk about the hardware began to talk about the experience of the MIUI Luo hammer ROM is to let the people packed the House Science and technology circles more of a feeling. People’s eyes began to fall more on the design, we seem to have no longer accept the rough design, in addition to content, exquisite experience has gradually become the main line of product design. is a personalized network name card, full screen background show your personal image, through the built-in editor, the user can customize the name card background and content, and provides personal social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube chain, Linkedin,. was founded in October 2009 and was co founded by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young. In November 2010, just 4 days after the launch, AOL was bought for $1 million 300 thousand. Dramatically, in February 5th of this year, co-founder Tony Conrad announced that he had taken control of from AOL.

interface – the beauty of simplicity

doesn’t have extra animations and guidelines. The first thing that catches’s eye is a business card wall made up of different users, rich in color and different in looks.


business card wall gives the user a visual and strong impression, while the registration box is transparent white as the base, but obviously does not form a strong contrast with the background. The background of the card serves as a display of the user’s personal features, and the user can upload his or her personal photos as a background through local or social networks. It is worth mentioning that the personal image as a business card has a higher degree of identification, although the default gallery also comes with landscape pictures, but in the results of the show, without exception to exclude the type of landscape.


specific features introduced by sample made a name card, lets a person that would be clearly marked and simply to show its characteristics: domain name, user avatar, personalized homepage to e-mail, the user profile and personal social network link. When users see below the card wall, "this is how to use" text, slide down the page, the border is about to cross the free registration (join>

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