Prime Minister’s trip to the nternet business in Zhongguancun and earned

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yesterday morning, someone in the circle of friends broke the news of the sudden strengthening of security in Zhongguancun, there seems to be a big man to visit, not long after the results, it was the morning of the prime minister visited Zhongguancun venture street. In this way, Beijing Internet circle and raged, in addition to show photos, is an occasion to marketing, many companies are therefore "onlookers" assets, have soared in popularity.


" contrarian rose 7.4%, the industry of science and technology stocks, the gem rose with

with the prime minister visited Zhongguancun venture street news spread in the crazy circle of friends, yesterday morning at A shares generally fell under the environment, Zhongguancun contrarian rose 7.4%, while driving a lot of the Internet industry science and technology stocks and GEM stocks in the follow up yesterday morning. The prime minister’s visit to Zhongguancun Venture Street is interpreted as the market to encourage Internet business development, which makes a lot of science and technology of Internet industry, especially near Zhongguancun’s Internet Co and entrepreneurs feel excited. In addition, the prime minister to visit many technology network shares a short-term boost in decline, so many investors in the stock market to earn a small.

The first is

"Zhongguancun" all day long, rose 7.4%, turnover reached 15.21%, turnover of 1 billion 340 million, once again confirms the article derailed, Warren A logic Yili investment rules of the rose ". Although Zhongguancun (000931) and the Internet industry can touch the edge, but it is more divided into the market by the pharmaceutical industry, the main business for the real estate and pharmaceutical technology. Its company materials show, Beijing Zhongguancun science and technology development (Holdings) Limited by Share Ltd is mainly engaged in licensing business projects: Internet access services. General business items: high technology and product development, sales, construction projects; project investment; all kinds of industrial, civil, energy, transportation, municipal, subway, city railway, highway construction project contracting; architectural design; decoration; installation; real estate development; real estate sales; property management purchase and sale; metal materials, timber, building materials, machinery and electrical equipment; economic information consultation; technical service." It is not difficult to see, from the point of view of rational analysis, Zhongguancun rose does not meet the investment logic, but who let this is A shares?

in addition, yesterday gem refers to have experienced a wave of change radically. The first is when the prime minister visited Zhongguancun Venture Street, the gem index rushed 30 points, followed by a short time ago fell more than and 50 points, after usher in a slight rebound. In the afternoon after the opening, the gem refers to the lower again, after the stock index fell 30 points in a powerful move, but in the end, after being pulled up 40 points fell again and was back on, all day long through the peak rose more than and 30 points to close down 40 points of the roller coaster experience. Visible, the gem refers to the volatility is more intense, but the overall application of the computer industry as a whole can still be fair, which appeared a few limit. Today, after the opening of the gem refers to usher in a wave of rising period, currently about 49 stocks daily limit.


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