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cool dog · outside the campus music base ceremony

five major functional support, professional team operation,

get rid of the site’s dependence on advertising


according to the person in charge of music base project, the first landing outside the station due to the Canton Art Institute of music base construction attention and strong support, in addition to plan later will continue to pursue national coverage of major colleges and universities. In addition to education and human resources support of colleges and universities, because fit the country’s "double" policy, the plan also smooth cool dog got the support and affirmation of the government.

the afternoon of May 25th, the maximum amount of domestic users of digital music platform cool dog music held cool dog · in this academy; outside the campus music base ceremony, officially kicked off campus music public record program.

in the first phase of campus music base construction process, cool dog will provide network platform for campus musicians, creative sites and related equipment, etc., online and offline resources. Cool dog side said that after the completion of the base will give full play to creative design, professional training, creative support, build

;The novel, the future development of

mobile phone literature site CD-ROM, voice fiction, drama, film, drama, drama adaptation, game adaptation, translation and publication, and novel copyright cooperation

forum, etc.


innovation "2 times" was born "the creation of space", in recent years is rapidly "occupation" music industry.

novel website, literature website profit way



student · in the cool dog; outside the campus music practice base

is the most intuitive advertising revenue, other categories of literature station site, the larger flow, suitable for a variety of popular advertising, such as click, pop-up, registration and so on, there are some advertising and Dangdang outsourcing alliance sales commission. The literature stands for advertising, VIP charging, attracting authors, and dividing them into authors. It is possible to have bigger, mature the original novel site is currently the starting point, such as such, waves several novel website can achieve this effect.
publishing revenue, simplified, traditional


          domestic Chinese novel website webmaster many novel sites for bandwidth, does not occupy a space, less resource consumption, easy to copy, text, search opportunities, copyright problems is relatively small, so we are willing to do the novel website, domestic novel the site has 20 thousand -10 10000. But less than 100 are profitable.

Pay phone Alipay bank credit card phone charges on this VISA

online membership fees for several channel

with the promotion of domestic digital music legalization, copyright and original content production, more and more attention to various music platforms. More and more attention has been paid to the support of musicians. As the largest number of domestic users, but also the most active digital music platform, cool dog is also stepping up the accumulation of original content. The campus music base construction plan is to start from the campus, play its own advantages in resources, cultivate campus music talent. Rich cool dog platform outside the content system, but also can improve the music industry chain upstream content creation strategic layout, strengthen their industry discourse rights.

learned that the cool dog campus music base referred to as "music base" aims to systematically incubate the campus music people, further forming a set of operational and practical music base implementation plan". Plan of each school year settled at least 20 good campus music, but also provide a good business platform and environment for the campus music, "to create the most unique campus music China multi-creation space".

cool dog · outside the campus music base to provide students with free




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