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networks make money?

2., you know how to do a website, you can make money by helping others do

. Similar to the Amoy shopping guide

in "Xunzi said: · encouraging learning" does not accumulate the trickle to into a river; a short step, resulting in thousands of miles. I think everyone knows it well. I think, whether in life or in the Internet to make money, this sentence we should think about, and the extension of this sentence. Whether money has accumulated or not, I dare not comment here, we can consider it……

18 years ago

1., you are learning design, you can pick up a design task;

3., your literary talent is good, you can help others planning to promote the article

understand the basic knowledge of web server space and so on, the first few months only input, no gain, but insisted on, back on the road is wide, can go to apply for advertising, such as sh419, GGAD and so on, do not give others website to earn money.

but there are so many people doing it, but not much money. Often see some people do very beautiful web site, the content looks very rich, the site hung a GG, earn only a few knives per month. These people are in a dead end. < >

iFLYTEK while in the start-up period is a member of the education track, but before the educational track is more as a technology product operator’s identity. 2008 iFLYTEK listing, in the field of education is the most outstanding achievements, is the introduction of Mandarin oral evaluation technology, and promotion in Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Chongqing provinces and cities in five. The iFLYTEK business education not only just started, but also plays a role of service providers to provide products for B terminal; development in education business was attributed to "in its annual report in 2008 industry application product / system" column. The education business, only iFLYTEK segment in a screw.

? !

domestic Wangzhuan can be divided into the following two categories of

one. Technical

in a week ago, iFLYTEK held in 2017 third extraordinary general meeting. The General Assembly adopted the merger Shanghai Xunfei Information Technology Co. Ltd. Rui yuan bill, and was originally used for the construction of wisdom classroom and online teaching platform, cloud iFLYTEK Super Brain Research on key technology and cloud platform construction project intends to change the use of funds, the acquisition of Anhui Xunfei are 5% of the shares; and the establishment of Anhui science company, the project of wisdom classroom and online teaching of cloud platform part to the transfer of the company’s development. In other words, iFLYTEK will open a business education services subsidiary.

iFLYTEK in the past 2016 fire up. One of the most striking, than in October last year after the hammer conference, iFLYTEK input method within a few days after the order of tens of millions of downloads. In March 20th this year, iFLYTEK released 2016 annual report. Earnings outstanding data, second days, its stock rose 5.59%, to close at 35.35 yuan.

in the business, iFLYTEK’s education business has been rapid development; in 2016 the GET Education Conference on science and technology, iFLYTEK CEO Wu Xiaoru said: "I do not agree with artificial intelligence equal to anything, but I think the artificial intelligence in the field of education can be as big."

Liu Qingfeng may think, he takes out the evaluating system of Mandarin have now become an official China system throughout the machine; he is probably more unexpected, originally based on the identity of speech evaluation system and technology suppliers started, but farther and farther in the field of education.

Is it true that

I do Wangzhuan, only make a point on the views of domestic Wangzhuan

if you have some kind of expertise, you can earn money through this technology, such as

network to make money, say it like it’s a magical way, a kind of advertising behavior is actually advertising network era, simply for advertisers to promote their sites, or sell their products and services, due to his own promotion Co., have to pay people to help them see advertising, promotion. And each of our net friends can read his ad, help him promote, so as to obtain his advertising reward. That’s how the Internet makes money.

a lot of people have a bias, think the network is false money, is a lie. This is very wrong. In fact, spending money on people to see advertisements is the most common thing in foreign countries, but the Internet has changed money to see advertisements through the internet. Of course there are many liars in the world, the network world more, but not because of the existence of these crooks to completely negate the network advertising to make money in this area, in fact, every day there are tens of thousands of users, including many of the Chinese users get advertisers paid a lot of money through their own efforts, to know that we make is real the $

today, iFLYTEK frequently in the artificial intelligence field layout + education. But from the point of view of the market, iFLYTEK’s education business; especially the "artificial intelligence and education, in the end how

today is iFLYTEK’s 18 birthday. In June 9, 1999, 18 members in today’s chairman Liu Qingfeng as "iFLYTEK team" was formally established.

, 2012

4. for the promotion of goods to obtain Commission, such as the Taobao.

, iFLYTEK strategy: from the point and the surface, "ax" to make the world

5. makes money by building websites and hanging ads

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