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many friends will say I will not write a blog English do? Never mind, we can go to the search English blog, but don’t just copy a personal blog, otherwise the possibility of being closed, there is a point worth noting is that the best way is to apply blogger to the blog, then write English content but, don’t just search online content is put up, to ensure that no politics, hackers, weapons, profane words you can even avoid the risk by shlf1314 translation, but also pay attention to the best use of the United States Agency IP>

?Earn twenty thousand a week on the billboard

according to this understanding, when a guest promotion goods will get a promotion code, if users click on the actual code, entered the shop and bought something, then the guest account will get the seller to pay commissions. And this Commission is generally 10% to 30% of the price of goods.

Tao do have so few categories:

guest let many sellers to solve the difficult problem of promotion. A clothing sale owner told the author, a guest, shop turnover of more than the previous two times, "they are used in labor to make money, we get fame and money through them, will benefit both sides, Why not?

National Day is coming soon. During the long vacation, Taobao’s trade will definitely rise a lot. Want to do a lot of Amoy friends, will optimize the gas flow, transformation, increase the income of the Tao do now, a lot of people, but the real money is little, we have seen Ali official billboard, believe a lot of friends who are jealous, but we analyzed people flow is how to do flow, is how to convert it, I believe many of my friends are not clear, here today I will give you a careful analysis, personal opinion, also forget friends more opinions.

yes, Amoy has now become a new generation of online part-time pronoun, not only need to shop, their own experiences to share with friends. Without strong venture capital, you can get your own commission from the online store only if you have sufficient awareness of the transaction. The guest will become a promising occupation, or will become spam writers? Perhaps a free promotion way from sh419 Ali after


don’t know you know those foreign excellent advertising alliance in addition to the well-known shlf1314 AdSense as well as what they are, what are the advantages and disadvantages, then let me tell you:

class. Good at going to the big forum posting, desperately to recommend goods to others. "Of course, sometimes they hit the nail."." But they will be classified according to the characteristics of the shop, and then summed up the recommendations should focus on content, and then go bubble theory

shlf1314 AdSense, the promotion of sh419, Ali mother each have their own advantages, shlf1314 AdSense has recently become increasingly obvious, but surely, that is the highest technology, advertising and website content to match most, Ali’s mother is also good, timely payment, but not limited to the amount, but there will be a deduction amount relative to other domestic league is quite good, while sh419’s payment is relatively small, only 100 yuan, but the application is not easy! So let many people flinch! Of course in China such as the first video, Sogou alliance, thunderbolt alliance is also good, but the visibility is not particularly high


, thank you!

. Or more common, this is what I see in the guest online digital. This figure also reflects the ability of top guest.

some people say that the Tao do not work, every day on the Internet only to send post, netizens recommend own often go to the shop, let more friends go to patronize. Easy, how much money on hand. According to the words of many friends, is to catch up with the good years of online shopping, through the recommendation of online friends to facilitate transactions, he tasted the sweetness.

both domestic advertising alliance touted other how good you are, in fact, we had several webmaster psychological, the best domestic advertising alliance is 3 hegemony, fight! Do you understand don’t understand! Actually do some foreign alliance is simply profiteering, earn more money than AdSense much faster, but a lot of people do not know, today I am writing this article is to let everyone know more of the alliance! This is my original, devoting the time and energy to write, so please read

it is understood that in the Taobao online, Amoy no threshold, through the "Amoy promotion platform, any Internet users can help Taobao sales network, and earn a commission. Taobao has said it expects to participate in more than one million people in 1 to 2 years, and will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for the country. Amoy nearly a million after tax monthly income after tax monthly income of thousands, even part of Amoy million mark.

Chitika is relatively well-known foreign advertising alliance, the unit price is lower than AdSense, because after all, shlf1314’s advertising users, so the advantages of providing more, high visibility, the choice of more. The audit of the alliance is strict, do not use false station to do, otherwise the possibility of being K is almost ninety-nine percent. In fact, if there is AdSense I think it is not necessary to submit this! But Chitika is almost English advertising, but if the content of your pages is Chinese should be difficult to pass, if you want to apply for the Chitika recommendation English writing blog, because Chitika is English blog alliance in NO.1, can not be ignored, so by comparison we do Chinese website price much higher. Of course, you can also apply for more than one blog, but limit to 3 or 5 a day, or you’ll be K. Don’t blame me.

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