Forum was sealed grassroots Adsense, but ushered in 15 days earn 3000 twoPart of the subtitle group

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no matter considering safety, or extensions,. Dedecms system is a management system of domestic PHP open source, has done quite a good CMS, we can use it to build a lot of content model, dedecms system itself has no such as video, books, information classification and so on. Webmaster friend familiar with the dedecms tag, you can make your own template. But some friends are just part-time jobs, because they don’t have time to get familiar with the dedecms tags, and they come to pay us. Quite a few of our clients are introduced by our regular customers, and every transaction we make is public and realistic. At the same time, the price is reasonable, so that the customer feels that you are trustworthy and can trust his request.

although the members of the subtitle group are voluntary labor, the operation is not free. Renting only one server will cost several million dollars a year. According to a person familiar with the matter, in fact, some of the subtitle group’s online forums are backed by companies or monopolies. The huge volume of visits to these forums has attracted the attention of many advertisers, some subtitles group advertising revenue of up to several million yuan, and the forum can also provide the company to suppress RMVB, made video charging. Of course, the money is not available to the average subtitle group.

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is a dream to make a long story short, it provides free dedecms site resources, like the dedecms template, imitation station tutorial, a website which provides full-time dedecms station service. If you also want to be a service website, suggest you ask yourself two questions:

‘s dedecms8 website dedecms resources, including the dedecms template and dedecms imitation station upgrade / maintenance skills, dedecms tutorials, dedecms tutorial add advertising and so on, are free, users do not have to register to download. We provide free service, which is the dream dedecms8 station at the beginning of the idea. For imitation station business, it dedecms8 on the success of the transaction. Users send a VIP qualification, where VIP users enjoy 3 months free technical services, enjoy 10 percent off preferential trade again AD: recently the fine imitation chinahtml version of the template, the column has been built including the sale of the station data, a friend in need can contact I 1214944220. The forum also opened >

"welfare" rich, you can get VIP download account

on the other hand, a sense of achievement is also a driving force for many members. From "sophomore" began to do subtitles work "potato silk" said: "when subtitles, the entire team’s ID will hit the front of the film, this time are a little small pride.". I used to watch American drama with my roommates, and everyone would pay special attention to the part that I did, and I would like to talk about it and discuss it together. I will also give my film and television drama to my girlfriend." Xiao Fu revealed that the subtitle group was >

why did the customer want you,

many people have the experience of catching up with foreign hit TV dramas on the internet. When we are watching the "escape", "sex and the city" and other Korean drama, often see a certain translation subtitles group. ". In the enjoyment of their compulsory service at the same time, we can not help but doubt: subtitle group is what people? How do they live? The day before, the reporter contact to Chongqing Zaier Xiao Fu a pseudonym, he is one of China’s most influential subtitle group "soft wind" was created, he for us unveiled the subtitle groups.

customers want you again,

identity a mystery: "welfare" rich students, Indoorsman Indoorswoman are threatened by growing crises,

Xiao Fu introduction, if the translation of a movie for the pirates, there will probably be a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars of income, and for the caption group work, 10 Fen can not fishing, "the members have their own formal work, subtitling is compulsory, without compensation".

joins the subtitle group, of course, with benefits". In "everyone in the film subtitle group served as head of the" netizen "potato silk" told reporters, "only in the subtitle group, to download a VIP account foreign server, unlimited download to watch foreign movies and television, can quickly see the latest thing".

from the last time in the A5 forum is here to write "letter has 15 days to make the grassroots 3000" has been for half a year, I’m really sorry for such a long time didn’t write articles to share feelings with everyone, no experience, feeling a bit. For nearly 6 months, my income gradually stabilized, situation is better than expected, thanks for all the support of friends. Remember, write "BBS was closed grassroots webmaster but usher in 15 days to earn 3000" when, I basically have every day DEDECMS imitation station / collection and so on, the site of the list to come to. In addition to the orders to do one, 3 stations need to maintain the hands, until one day collapse, think again to update the output does not make money what is the significance of the 3 stations, not to make money, but not bigger, simply throwing them away. So, as a whole, when the 7 at the end of 2010 I started to do it. The other station, basically stagnant.

Why did

subtitle group what exactly is which? Xiao Fu said, in this circle, the members of the true identity is generally is confidential, "may be a China students, a white-collar workers, and even the Chinatown housewife. The only link that can connect them is the Internet and the love of foreign TV shows". However, some features of the subtitles group members is relatively common, they generally have a lot of free time at the computer, students and Indoorsman Indoorswoman. Age is generally between the ages of 20 and 25, and the foreign language skills are excellent".

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