Donkey mother’s parent company to terminate the new three board listing, is planning other capital m

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Phoenix News author / ASPEN yesterday evening, the donkey mother travel company parent company King domain culture announced that it intends to terminate the company’s new three board listing.

everyone happy New Year! The first working day of 2017, we have made an important decision: Jingyu culture for terminating the three new board listing, to the company’s strategic development needs for capital operation and service more beyond the next step. This afternoon, the board has unanimously adopted a resolution by the shareholders’ meeting and then also won the National SME share transfer system approved.

data show that the Jingyu culture listed in the new board in December 22, 2015, the main business includes online and offline two plates, which online business travel products online sales, a variety of business have tickets, destination travel, domestic travel, outbound travel, and comprehensive; the line of business includes tourism planning and tourism marketing and operations.

Hong Qinghua also revealed in the letter, the company will soon, in another form, and then together with the capital platform. It also pointed out that the world’s great enterprises should rely on the growth of endogenous forces, but also rely on the expansion of external capital forces mergers and acquisitions. From this it can be inferred that there will be other capital movements next or there.

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attached to Hong Kong, Tsinghua, Jing Jing employees internal letter:

dear Jing domain colleagues:

landscape culture terminated three new board listing

Write an article about the win customer network advertising alliance a few days before the

three new board listed more than a year, a holding, Huace, Hua Village Zhongjing and other famous enterprises and investment institutions to become shareholders of the new cultural landscape, financing amounted to 1 billion 180 million yuan, is one of the largest amount of financing of three new board Internet Co. Thanks to the new three board, let Chinese Internet companies get domestic capital of favor, let landscape culture to a new level. A year ago, the king of the domain group achieved rapid development, enterprise management more standardized, six companies each section of outstanding performance, the first half of 2016 the group’s overall financial revenue grew 163%, the annual growth of more than 130%, the key is to win more customers with respect and reputation, the first three new board China Internet hundred companies donkey mother ranked intermediate zone the selection of professional institutions in all Internet Co. With respect to our lofty goal, these achievements is our starting point, all the past, all have.

Jing Jing Group Chairman, donkey mother founder Hong Qinghua in an internal letter issued to employees, said the termination of listing, is for the company’s strategic development needs and for the next step further greater capital operation services.


and not pay serious deduction amount of the article, after the release of get a lot of sympathy, and of course many other cartel, here I would like all dishonest advertising alliance to ask: in the end you cheated many webmaster, hurt how many webmaster heart

brief is for better reunion. The application for the termination of the new three board listing, is in order to be bigger and farther, in order to soon form another form of capital platform together. The great enterprises of the world must rely on the growth of endogenous forces, but also on external capital forces

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