After the temptation to do poineering work, you can never imagine the creative point!

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do you think 90 entrepreneurs is what kind of? Disorganized, is not a reliable right? Good master to open shop to sell Rice noodles, education is eaten by dogs? Directology well, to be in the outlet of pigs, they learn the Internet thinking, do online education website is? Fans Starchaser, Peking University Master of law but also to enter the entertainment industry? 90 is not so capricious, so recklessly is not reliable? Look at the inventory of those 90 – we dig deep in your eyes


TOP6. Guo column: learning slag are potential stocks, like men fighting like One Piece


date of birth: 1989

position: face Meng founder, CEO

seemingly unreliable index: **

list of reasons: fighting, truancy, was almost discouraging. High school is such a headache for teachers. A three year rise, obtain outstanding university, into the Tencent, holding the dream of home products. Then start, surely you remember that time face adorable avatar scraper circle of friends is not a face, head of OUT simply adorable ashamed to have. Young people do such a good product, you suspect that he does not fly, in fact, is amazing, twenty year old life was able to live so self.

small Reping: smart grilled 90, dumbass counter attack into Curve Wrecker. Inspired by the spirit of One Piece, a business failure, do not give up the next one, let us know the face Meng adhere to the end, active and lovely after 90 spokesmen.

TOP5. Yu Jiawen — from "overbearing president" to "brag youth", actually I am Wang



date of birth: July 1990

position: Super curriculum CEO

seemingly unreliable index: ***

list of reasons: because the university period often forget where to go to school, more than 24 year old Gavin developed a super curriculum, the mobile phone APP, just graduated from university to get tens of millions of dollars of financing Alibaba. "Teachers, principals, investors, all of whom I have been scolded again!" to the staff of one hundred million wages, self willed speech to create a domineering president after 90. At the same time, "exaggerated financing" and "false" users "schools of various fabrication of academic credentials, the negative news followed. The public opinion to depict the two Yu Jiawen: a wild excesses, promote the development of the company by hype and lie; a confident, rational, need to be more tolerant.

: "in our small steak around to watch the people, President of adults do not spend a penny, do a popular national marketing, Yu Jiawen and super curriculum awareness from the industry until the well-known streets and lanes. From black to white to white

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