2013 love Shanghai product marketing experience to provide marketing value

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products such as the use of the so-called love Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, library and so on. Once these marketing are very good, love the Shanghai encyclopedia entries is not difficult, but now I love Shanghai more serious for the pressure more and, love Shanghai product marketing work than ever before, seems to marketers and webmaster grassroots is more and more difficult.


addition, I often ask those who love the hair in Post Bar on the chain of friends, why do you want to go to Post Bar outside the chain, they say Post Bar high weight. Yes, love Shanghai Post Bar weight is high, but you know what you are Post Bar link more, love Shanghai First come, first served. found your serious abnormal, it will give you the K station. I have been keenly aware of, had made too many links in Post Bar, was K.

said the following library, library is a good stuff, to love Shanghai.

and the link on the Post Bar, will let users see that you are AD, users will ignore your content. The Post Bar was more suitable for what kind of marketing? The author’s advice is to send Post Bar pure soft, soft sugar coated bullet style.

is not, as long as we grasp the method properly, make love to Shanghai marketing is feasible. After all, love is so big Shanghai platform, there will always be a piece of land belonging to our website marketing person, as long as we are good at to find, will get a lot of unexpected harvest.

marketers should first write a high quality, and then to the identity of the user to love Shanghai Post Bar post. You have no links, and popular in the Post Bar attention will be very high. Many users will read your text after know your site or product to bring huge traffic to you. So I said Post Bar is not recommended to do the link.

do we do marketing, Shanghai dragon, the bottom line is that is should learn to study, learn to find. There are so many Internet platform, we need only diligent than others, you will have a very different harvest, today some specific marketing strategy to talk about love of products in Shanghai.

love Shanghai product marketing, through the love of Shanghai’s products for website marketing and promotion. Once this is easier to do the marketing work, and with the control of love Shanghai foreign chain and AD is more and more strict, love Shanghai product marketing has become increasingly difficult. Author today according to their own experience to talk about, in 2013 the new time, the new background, how to love Shanghai products offer us marketing value.

first love Shanghai Post Bar, a lot of friends to love Shanghai Post Bar love chain. I do not agree with this approach, there are several reasons for this, the Post Bar link love Shanghai has a filtering mechanism, sometimes you go outside the chain does not, even if you successfully released a chain, will soon be deleted.

In fact,

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