Xiangtan casters network optimization promotion plan

by admin

1. the choice of the domain name, the domain name is a114贵族宝贝.cn I chose to tell the truth, the domain name from Shanghai dragon’s perspective, really not how, this is my friend with a domain name for the record company down, I asked him what he do not use the domain name, let me use, he gave it to me the domain name registration, 10 years, the company leased space in the domain name server, so with the space time and speed I don’t worry about

4. source: website, ranking is doing, then supply where it came from, as early as 2008, my uncle is casters, he has sent the information in the B2C website, also has a certain customer, but he has not made a website, estimation also don’t understand optimization of what, and I in him for one month to release information, so a basic understanding of casters so now I just up the rankings do, anyway, I do not worry, I graduated from this semester, slowly optimization, >

2. site selection of the program, last year when to do, in the selected program, I consider the PHP program, and the purchase of PHP program on Taobao search in Shanghai, because of love under the program, or I will not change, or too much garbage, so put on the program, written words, unfortunately, the PHP program cannot write key with the description, let me down, so I’m looking for other programs, finally found a ASP program, but now it seems, although the use of this website is free, but there are a few link developers can’t go, but I fancy is easy to use, can write key, is Shanghai dragon ER developed, so not too bad, but I am ready to take up the rankings do, and then find the developers to develop two times, get rid of him The link with enhanced security

promotion, suggestions

3. Site Title: am I going to do a caster website, I have fallen in love with the sea over the word, found before a few names have different procedures of Shanghai dragon, so the first few to take over the title of the site, re allocate into their own website to write a good title, keywords, description is written on the phone the front, because when the love of Shanghai search will show title with the phone, and to search it, don’t see you, will only direct call, so even if he does not point into the site can also directly call

spent a year, because it did not want to do Shanghai dragon, but also non computer background, so in their own learning and understanding some aspects of Shanghai dragon people, left the Shanghai dragon circles, to Taobao, Taobao is now done in general, former site of the Shanghai dragon, what did not earn money Shanghai dragon, scheme written before Zhuzhou car rental, website ranking in the first operation, half a year, abandoned for half a year, the final site expires, no, today, I want to say is that the small sub, I came back, I returned to Shanghai dragon circles, recently in Xiangtan network optimization with casters welcome to.

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