The success of high weight blog will know the Shanghai dragon skills

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for some government or educational domain, this domain name weight will be relatively higher, so the domain name will normally be for manual review, we want to build a high weight website, we can first consider this domain name.


2: a clear theme and direction

1: edu, gov, COM domain name

5: the persistent increase of site content

we had been emphasized how to optimize website structure. But here we explain, I believe we all know a good website structure is very important to our Shanghai dragon optimization, do not know if the students here then can refer to "how to optimize the structure of the website" Shanghai dragon new

we all know the content of the website is the website of the blood, a good independent blog we should also regularly to update the content of the website, let the blog become the Internet’s most unique content source.


when we’re in the website, this website we must know the needs of users, only after understanding the needs of users, we can according to the needs of users to carry out targeted value. We can use the message board website or the occasion with the user’s communication to understand.

for each grassroots webmaster, we hope to be able to operate a high weight of the blog site, but imagine that we have several close friends of the blog is "high weight? Perhaps you before how often listen to some senior Shanghai Dragon Master said to increase the weight of the website, in fact for the weights of the website it also said that ascension is not difficult, as long as seriously in accordance with the following operation, and stick to it, then running a high weight site still has a lot of hope. Xiao Murong today to introduce the success of high weight blog will know the Shanghai dragon skills:

wants to become a high weight website, we must set a clear theme to our website, it is necessary to create a high weight website. For search engines, professional website will use more keywords ranking and weight lifting, such as the Shanghai dragon blog is focused on sharing website search engine optimization related knowledge, our blog has some specific groups of fans, we stand in the article is written on this part of the fan.

6: the stability of the

4: Architecture Design Blog


a high weight website is required to have a stable server, if your server is not stable, so our website will not get a good user experience, and thus will not gain weight, very high so that a good web server is one of the essential factors we build the weight of the blog.

3: clear user needs

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