The lottery site is down right Shanghai, the 60 day after diagnosis fast recovery to weight 5

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data is A5 marketing rectification in second times proposed by 2014-04-29:

site is down right in 2013 September, the original 5 of the weight of the site was down to the relentless love Shanghai 1 of the weight of the whole company, down right after all fell into a panic. Then the company leadership requires the person in charge to restore the weight in a short time, but they want a variety of recovery down the right way, also tried to contact the Shanghai dragon service providers seek solutions, but ultimately failed to restore the site, which lasted more than a month did not rely on the website profit performance of the company seriously decline. Finally, to seek diagnosis A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team on the site of the Shanghai dragon recovery service, after the diagnosis suggested diagnosis Engineer A5 in East China, they seriously implement the diagnosis scheme after only 60 days, the site began to slowly return to the weight, until the weight back to 5 and their leaders personally come to A5! Thank you for the website stationmaster net diagnosis engineers! [A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and consultant], 100% weight increase, we speak with the facts! Invalid full refund! Spend 5000, let you earn 50000 yuan.

above the site down right after the data, the weight dropped to 1, love Shanghai Lailu less, almost No. This has been done A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services and implementing.

note: customers in January according to a more than 30 page proposal diagnosis is carried out seriously, website weight March began to recover slowly, the weight of 4-8 in the speed, to the website weight at the beginning of September almost completely restored.


The following is the



The !The pathogenesis of



in order to protect customers’ privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real



2, the website structure problems, cause search engines to repeat information;


more than three data graph, visible IP is speed up the state. At the beginning of September the website weight back to 5, and very stable, also love Shanghai Oleg on the increase in the current site, the weight is 6

1, included information quality over high similarity;




for the site to seriously implement the Shanghai dragon after diagnosis data, 3.19 when the love of Shanghai Lailu less, 3.20 love Shanghai antecedents drastic growth.

website weight recovery history:

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