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remember Mr. Lu Xun’s Kong Yiji, after being caught stealing books still in a lot of excuses "stealing books not steal" stealing books not stealing"…… However, stealing books really can not be stolen? As a result, no matter how those around "stealing books not steal the proposition of sophistry, he was all beaten up. Why? Because the book is the owner paid a fee for, that is to say, the owner of the book exchange obtained through paid book title, but Kong Yiji does not understand this, do not want to pay any cost to themselves, not stealing it.

on the other hand, because contribute more, after some Adsense nets are often visit the site webmaster or Shanghai dragon er who are familiar with, some "smart" webmaster back directly to the Guangzhou site for the odd billion network. If you just see it, after all, write out no ground for blame, of course, is expected to have more people to read. But ask just here, they not only, also take. Xiao Bian had to check a large number of articles a few copies of the website of Guangzhou network website billion odd, even the title will not change, and are in small series just published shortly after being reproduced immediately, of course, the original link must be removed. What’s more, Xiao Bian recently published article, check after two hours, I found in this article is a name of "Hefei ID optimization" published wholly intact to some Adsense online, included time is even better than the original site

an hour earlier! In fact,

Xiao Bian has encountered such a situation, we Guangzhou odd million Internet website, because will update the original article every day, some articles will also contribute to some Webmaster Platform, but gradually find it not only to optimize your site has no better effect, but the impact on the website optimization. The reason is small to Webmaster Platform to published articles, get outside the chain number is not much, the article is not well written, reading is not much, but in addition to Webmaster Platform, more will be reproduced the original link removed, changing the link on the crown of his own name, and as their original published on its website. Xiao Bian had better written the "success" of the website and the "embarrassments Encyclopedia of < Chinese partner > tell the Internet practitioners thing" analysis of "Penguin Empire hunt road", have been reproduced, but retain the original link to the article is less and less.

, about the original article being reproduced to remove his name on the crown link phenomenon in the Internet seems to have been granted things, for example to take a small car sales website or website design landscape articles at a Shanghai love search, can search out thousands of records. These two types of sites currently on the Internet, is not popular. Reprint articles, although the topic is different, but the content is almost exactly.


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