How to use the hospital network marketing blog drainage

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Reasonable use of

so we are in a new promotion mode must be changed a bit, it is a way out of here. So what are the optimal way to Sina blog, the blog for example.

don’t know what you do in the Sina blog have found that if you exit the blog, you can see the keywords is mainly the transfer of Sina blog home page label you as a keyword, description call is the first section of the articles. The author when doing the Sina blog, mainly to their home page set 10, then a top, top of the first paragraph is certainly for personal website demand description set. Key words, reasonable layout, before to list them to do keywords, for setting the label. Remind you, in order to improve the user experience of the blog, it is best to have a clear navigation list, as far as possible all the column arrangement.


medical people know that medical web sites are the production, which leads to a "blind user experience". What do you mean? Is mainly taking into account the patients to find their own information in Shanghai or Google and other search engines, are large quantities of "mirror sites", here is not to say that the twin mirror but as like as two peas, a general template and the nature of the content homogeneity.

is the medical work, so narrowing the scope to the medical health blog, blog is mainly to have distinct characteristics, it is best to set the template of the personal blog to its website based on the motherboard color, like this, can let patients through the blog to the website, there is a reasonable visual sense. The blog has not before that can put the link, so we do not add the mandatory link to go, I still think that content is king, the science of readability this blog is high, the original degree is high, it may be related to the transfer of home health programs. In addition, in the Sina blog as an example, the Sina blog can be set by calling the business, whether it is for B2B or the medical industry site, effective flow on the blog is an excellent dialogue.

2. label (label is a breakthrough, because it is mostly reflected a keyword), increase in access.

3. share to other interactive website, get more traffic and attention

1. release quality content, to create authoritative medical blog

has a lot of share drop in the blog below, we can appropriate to share the same type of SNS forum, because before the love of Shanghai ranked to see a medical article by everyone to share a home page ranking, but also is the long tail keywords nationwide. So share is a means of ranking. In addition, we can also send articles at the forum, blog and share. This is an interoperability, when shared, we.

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